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Song for Junior - Beastie Boys

Nana's Sunday Jams

Song for Junior - Beastie Boys

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back. I send you warm greetings and hope you’re coping with the changes of seasons and icy winds. Hope the tunes are filling you with joy, and making space for light. Thanks to Patron Will for stepping in last week at such short notice and, as always, selecting a banger to help wile Sunday away.

Before I name check this week’s track, I want to remind you that this mini tour is all about instrumentals, compositions, and pieces without lyrics. This week’s offering is a beauty from a classic album from the masters of sabotage Beastie Boys and this is an example of a grower, an album or track that doesn’t hit the middle straight away takes its time, works through the layers then stays with you  and becomes a love for life. I love, love, love that it becomes almost a cerebral experience. The album is Hello Nasty, and the track is Song for Junior, it’s a dreamy, bossanova inspired slice of loveliness on an experimental, sometimes fractured album. An album that feels like a curated stream of consciousness. This isn’t my favourite Beasties album, but I love its desire to play and push into different spaces resulting in something more abstract and whimsical. Hello Nasty felt like the Beasties had gone really galactic. I remember when I first heard it, I tended to lean towards the traditional hip-hop elements but as time went on, I found myself finding joy in the more melodic compositions. Song for Junior is exactly that; sweet, full and deeply rich. One thing to note is that there is a slight cheat towards the end of the track in the shape of some vocal layering; it's more harmonious refrain rather than narrative singing, but it works so well that I’m allowing it. Plus, the vocals just add another layer of loveliness and as far as I’m concerned extra loveliness is always welcomed and should never be shown the door.

Things to love about this track; the rhythms which are rich and full, despite the seemingly mellow overtones making it so beautifully balanced. Its simplicity makes it so easy to follow wherever it leads. Imagine that’s a place where you can dance, with warmer, soft breezes, maybe sandy shores aren’t too far off, there's the possibility of live music and fragrant smells. It’s a track that unfolds softly building more into it – a clarinet, voice samples, a melodic refrain juxtaposed with the sound of steps moving between spaces, feelings, moods and thought especially as it moves towards the end. It’s like being ushered through the different parts of the album from the melodic back through to the abstract almost like a musical palette cleanser that helps to reset and make room for another change of pace. This is the perfect balm to combat the iciness we all know will have us in its grip for a while so think of it as audio heating for your heart and soul. If you have space that allows you to turn it up loud and let some light in, guaranteed to carry you along through your day and make headspace only for what you need and discard everything else.


So happy Sunday, Jammers. Hope you enjoy it and see you back here next week for more tunes. Loves as always.