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Somebody - Dream Wife

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Somebody - Dream Wife

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Yes Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back, hope it’s good with you and that you’ve managed to find some sparkle in whatever you’ve been up to. So, I am still on a band kick. I am so, so into it and it’s been such a fun deep dive into old favourites, new skoolers and I’ve made lots of discoveries along the way. Big Love to all the people who’ve been sending recommendations my way very much appreciated. I have to say: Wow, the world really is full of amazing music and creatives who are doing it no matter what.


This week’s offering is a band whose energy is off the charts, they make tunes worthy of all the hype, the kind that leave a noticeable imprint. Today’s outfit is Dream Wife and the track is Somebody from their 2018 album Dream Wife. This jam rocks my world, the musicality, the autobiographical narrative element of the lyrics full of witty word play and internal rhyming coupled, with the laid back sexiness of the new wave flavoured indie punk mastery. I discovered Dream Wife through a friend whose music taste I adore, who seems to be eternally plugged into new currents and makes me feel utterly lazy in their presence but am always thankful to be in their orbit. This band are carving out a solid space for themselves in the independent music scene, and it always feels like they are in the driving seat rather than bowing to some production ideal or aesthetic. Being a music fan, that’s always gratefully appreciated because it means growing, evolving and developing new aspects of their sound will never be off the menu which deserves many Hurrays.


Dream Wife – like Big Joanie – don’t shy away from their experiences as women in the world and in music. The fact that it informs their music is a joy. The polarisation of women in music can be so acute; I feel that artists must be constantly having to traverse so many stereotypes rather than being able to embrace what happens in real life, which often encompasses so many things in one body and space. One does not mean you have to forgo the other or mean that you are only one thing. That is one of the reasons I love Somebody so much, it feels like a treatise put to music and how well it puts it. Rakel Mjöll’s vocals are beautiful, bold, sexy and playful. She has all the key ingredients for a lead vocalist who can carry you along with her skill and purpose, just imagine being at the front of the crowd and singing right along with her as she leads you through. I also have to note the immense talents of Alice Go on lead guitar, if someone somewhere does not put this in some ‘Top 100 Best Of’ modern punk guitar riffs of all time then there really is no justice. Add the deep sexiness of the bass courtesy of Bella Podpadec and it just makes it an ideal one for a Sunday Jam, it’s laid back in places but has an edge to spare and pockets for dancing.


My instructions for listening, whether you are on your own or with people, is it needs to be loud. Grab your mic substitute and move around. There is a story being told here so remember: attitude with purpose and poise, then off you go and wile it out. Enjoy, loves and Happy Sunday