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Slyrs - End (MSNR VA001)


Slyrs - End (MSNR VA001)

Our Boxing Day premiere combines industrial and distorted reverberations with a mystical atmosphere, that might peculiarly nourish your festive spirit. Slyr's track is part of Messe Noire's first ever V/A, which will be available for free download.

Messe Noire V/A001 is available digitally on December 31st 2016. You'll be able to download it from @messenoirerecods.



ARTIST PROFILE (by Miles Murgett):


SLYRS is a French producer currently residing in Lille, whose music is fuelled by distortion, dark atmospheres and intensely ruthless drum patterns.

Slyrs started creating music at the age of 16, taking influence from his love of the ambient & experimental genres, and from discovering his first underground raves. He then jointly formed the ‘Instinkt’ crew, which has since released most of his music and has helped him to find the network of producers that share his dark, industrial tendencies.


Slyrs' industrial style is beginning to spread, with fantastic contributions to the Raven Sigh and Level 32 mix series. They typically take the listener on a winding journey of impressive industrial soundscapes and noisy screams, closely resembling those of heavy metal.

Make sure to keep your eye on Slyrs' no-holds-barred output!