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She Moves She - Four Tet

Nana's Sunday Jams

She Moves She - Four Tet

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Sunday Jammers. We are back. I hope all is good at your ends and light is finding its way to you. The balance has, once again, tipped and we are approaching another swirl into the end of the year. I hope the tunes are helping to keep you upright.

This week’s jam is a gem many times over. It’s a tune that always makes me feel like I’m basking in the glow of a warm kaleidoscope sunset; the kind that melts its way out through every colour imaginable. It’s a perfect example of modern built upon classical structures - by that I mean you could find similarities with a piece of classical composition in terms of layering, pace, and narrative, but instead of just traditional orchestral style instruments you’ll hear electronica, scratch samples and baselines. Like the album it’s beautiful, cerebral and a classic.

Today’s track is the gorgeous She moves she by Four Tet from the album Rounds. This is never far from play and no matter where I go makes anywhere feel like home- it’s no comfortable slipper more like an earth wire that grounds me. When I started this mini tour it was always in my mind to include something from ‘Rounds’ as it would definitely be one of my desert island discs (well pretty much anything by Four Tet) not just because of the music but also all the memories and places it has bookmarked in my soul along with all the feelings its stimulated and thoughts inspired. A simple way to carry all the things and people I love with me at all times.

She moves she is a perfect Sunday Jam because it crosses effortlessly through melody, layered samples and distortion. It's a perfect middle ground for our purposes; full of poise and balance. It sits against a backdrop of experimentation that doesn’t lose its humanity, highly cerebral but feels like an expression of joy throughout. From the moment it starts the drum loop sounds like a steady heartbeat inviting in a light filled melody joined by distorted samples. It has space to dance if you need it or equally find a place to watch the world go by and make it the soundtrack to your people watching. She moves she is the ideal embodiment of this mini tour. It is all about thinking about how structure in composition can help tell the story or invoke emotion without vocals allowing you the space to shape the narrative or do without it all together and just get swept along in the beauty of the artistry. Magic made it so beautiful.

One more thing I want to mention - for those who might not already know - I tried to listen to this very recently on one of the streaming services I subscribe to and was really confused when after a few attempts I couldn’t find it. Went online to figure out what was going on and was saddened to find out their Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) is having trouble with his record over back royalties and in response the label have withdrawn Rounds, Pause and Everything is ecstatic from his online catalogue. The story so far; Hebden is taking legal action against his label over streaming and downloading royalties over these three albums. Leading to the label removing them and the outcry has been pretty loud. Objectivity feels like a flimsy place to be in the face of such a cynical move and continues to shine a light on the tricky digital world in which so many artists find themselves in. Whatever the case might be I think we as listeners and fans should make our voices heard in support of creators who give us so much. We are not powerless or voiceless so, if you can, make yourself heard and express your upset. The tools are various and easily accessible; you know what to do. Along with taking the time to decide which service can keep us connected to the good stuff and pay the featured artists fairly, surely it’s a win-win all round?

A few thoughts to go with your jamming. Enjoy and as always Big Loves.