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Seekit - Pluvio EP

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Seekit - Pluvio EP

Up this week, it's Seekit's Pluvio EP

Seekit is a nice surprise. Pluvio doesn’t sound like his debut body of work. The title track’s synth and vocal chops feel Chicago, but the breaks feel Dillinja. Come Again’s bouncy kick has the unpredictable rhythm of footwork, but it’s think break grounds it in more familiar territory. The noisier second half surprises. Dark Side’s dark, sinister energy is more akin to modern DnB before Unkind Rewind takes it back to smooth amen roller tempo, echoes of ‘can you hear me?’ setting a thick atmosphere. The Burial flip is brilliantly moody too, perfectly accompanying the original rather than ruining it. There’s a high level of technical and melodic meticulousness over its five songs. The laid-back, retro, jazzy vibe recalling the best of melodic jungle with modern precision and more leftfield rhythms oozes cool, casual confidence. The refined signwriting keeps you engaged even when you know what beats are coming next. It’s a very solid start for the new(ish) producer.

Pluvio is available now on Bandcamp.