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Sébastien Radiguet - Insulated Soul (ONT007)


Sébastien Radiguet - Insulated Soul (ONT007)

Opening track of the album, Insulated Soul sets the tone with its gracious arrangement of piano, contrabass and celestial droning effects, engulfing the listener into a deep emotional ride.
Illustrated by Boris Collet on the accompanying video!

From Sébastien Radiguet's Lentomania album on Onto Records.

Out 26.02.2021 on CD with limited screenprints by Virgile Laguin and on digital - Pre-order: https://ontorecords.bandcamp.com/album/ont007-lentomania / https://idol.lnk.to/InsulatedSoul

Graphic designer Virgile Laguin collaborated with Sébastien Radiguet to translate the light and dark, electronic and acoustic universe of Lentomania's music. Crossing mediums, Virgile Laguin feeds on these ambivalences to make us lose our bearings: a photograph of an out-of-phase Californian seascape decomposing under a rain of pixelated glitches.