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Seathasky - Distant EP


Seathasky - Distant EP

The fix this week comes in the form of Seathasky's Distant EP. 

Liquid is home to the most anthemic, moving, uplifting drum and bass tracks that you’ve come across in a long time. The latest EP from Fokuz Records is exactly that. What isn’t there makes it just as special as what is – there’s a refined elegance to Seathasky’s stripped-back layering and carefully built arrangement that makes each song feel like a real journey. It really shows that he’s been producing music for over a decade.

The title track layers up a think break with twinkling pianos alongside a rumbling bass reminiscent of a Reece, but not quite. The vocals on How Much I Love You only offer glimpses of a story with vocal snippets of ‘I’m reminded when I look at you’, yet they still move when combined with the longing piano notes reverbing into the background. Burial-esque.

Every track has a perfectly paced, patient intro, breakdowns and outros guiding you through it’s pummel of drums and pretty, catchy melodies. Pain So Deep opens on lush strings that’ll throw you straight back into a 2000s chillout record. it’s that soulful vibe emanating from every corner that reminds you what can make drum and bass so special in the club music world. Instacop.