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Satl - Limin' Feat T.R.A.C

DnB Fix 065

Satl - Limin' Feat T.R.A.C

Up this week, the fix comes in the form of Satl's latest release.

The latest offering from Lenzman’s label The North Quarter is a tasty 6 track ep from one of the flagbearers for the next generation of Drum & Bass, Polands prince, Satl. Titled ‘Bedroom Producer With a Dream’, the project is a reflection of his story so far as a producer as he looks back at how he has grown over the years.

Still in his early twenties, Satl has a wealth of releases under his belt. Starting to become widely known for his signature spacey soulful sound which he displays eloquently on this 3rd release, he continues to showcase his expertise and mastery.


The track ‘Limin’ is a perfect example of his growing maturity as he faultlessly blends Jazz, hip hop & soul into a melancholic roller complimented articulately from east coast wordsmith T.R.A.C.

The track begins with a silky swing break that echo's through the piece as it rolls round the sound system effortlessly. Dancing on top of the beat is a walking piano riff that has been chopped and reprogrammed across the EP running in tandem with the crisp vocals from T.R.A.C once again displaying Satl’s versatility as a producer. The release is a milestone in his journey and with cameos from DRS & Tokyo Prose it really is an A grade showcase of soulful Drum & Bass that’s perfect for the summer evenings.

I look forward to seeing Satl develop and grow over time into a legend of the scene and I would highly recommend seeing one of his live sets whenever possible where he displays his unique sound through his already substantial catalogue of work.