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Rolling in the Deep - Adele

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Rolling in the Deep - Adele

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Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers welcome back, hope all is good and right with you. So, apologies for being AWOL last week, sometimes life just gets in the way. Hope you’ve been enjoying the tunes and writing so far. Since we are a week behind, I am carrying the rest of September 'She’ month into October, and we have two more instalments both of which I am really excited about. Little sneak preview for you, next week’s Jam will be an audio story with an incredible music head I connected with over the worldwide web and thanking goodness for it. Since listening to her show I’ve been transported to new musical landscapes and now Monday is always a vibe so stay on it and locked in for Sarah Tonin of The Golden Record- broadcasting from Hawai’i on KMNO 91.7 FM; you can also find The Golden Record on Mixcloud (for those who like a little homework).


This week’s 'She' is a human very, very close to my heart, a budding young music fan who will be today’s selector. I’m mad about her and her choice of tune – full disclosure she’s my niece so there is definitely much bias there. She is at the start of what I hope will be an epic journey, I want to give a shout out to all young music fans – especially the She’s, who are at the start of their music journeys. I am very envious of every adventure ahead discovering new music, making new connections and travelling to first, second, third gigs, festivals, in-stores and so on. To be a fly on the wall to witness the moment they realise that music is like having a personal portal that can transport you anywhere at the moment of a drop. Also – I hope this will be a by-product – to flip a finger at the moaners, groaners and cliched grumps who bang on about music not being the same, that young people just don’t get it and that they have no idea because everything is so overproduced. Yawn. It was in your day too mate, but that didn’t stop you connecting with the good stuff or finding ways to find the best drops or latest whatever. It’s still about feeling like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and plastered to your sleeve, finding a banger and rinsing it out or wanting to dance till you feel sick. So that’s why I am handing over to Ms Younger to tell you about a banger she has on repeat. Enjoy.


Today’s track is Rolling in the Deep by Adele. This is one of my favourite songs and I can listen to it over and over again. When I listen to lyrics I feel like I am being told a story, I can almost see it in my head, it taps into a whole range of emotions I never knew I had. The song makes me see myself in a different way; almost like I’m a whole new person. Adele’s voice is so deep and, even though she is singing with so much emotion, she is always in control which makes me feel centred. I prefer to listen to it when I’m alone but can enjoy it when listening with other people. There is a part in the chorus that sounds slowed down which makes you pay attention to the heart-breaking lyrics, she expresses so much pain so simply and honestly. You can feel how hurt she was because of her breakup and it just makes the song even more impactful. Adele’s voice is so powerful, sometimes it feels like she might cry, she can tell the story of the most delicate emotion but also the burning range and I like that she is not shy of expressing those emotions. Every time I listen to this song, I hear something else that I didn’t hear before. It is so beautiful, and I hope you enjoy it.