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Rico Casazza - Yaman (Archipel)

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Rico Casazza - Yaman (Archipel)

Rico Casazza has previously released music on Soma, Archipel, Plastic City, Wiggle, and Wavetec, spanning genres from house to trip-hop, techno, ambient and electro. Over 10 years of production experience and working as an Ableton Live teacher has enabled him to pass on his skills to aspiring artists as well. With an extensive discography already under his belt, Rico has played at some of the UK’s biggest clubs - Fabric and Village Underground - as well as touring in clubs around Europe and South America, including Palac Akropolis and Ecuador’s Secret Garden. 

This experience must be the reason for the almost seamless blend of different genres across Rico’s latest EP. Yaman, released on Archipel [ARCH129] presents a collection of intricately made tracks, some ideal for a relaxing listen at home and others that could keep crowds swaying on the dancefloor.

On this EP, it is mood that binds tracks together rather than genre. Ambient and new-wave fuse on the EP’s first track Golden Leaf, along with a garnish of vocal snippets reminiscent of Orbital. The layers of percussion are also suggestive of drum & bass towards the track’s end.

Sequenza, track 2, is another highlight. Slightly downtempo but disputably the most danceable track on the EP, Sequenza would suit the club at its swaying stage. Ambient textures and a weaving acid line renders the track akin to the techno of Tin Man

Tracks 3 and 6, Dark Matter and Painful Wisdom, pulse and echo throughout with their dub techno chords. Slower, dubbier and hip-hoppy, Dark Matter reverberates with distorted vocals and mellow chimes. Colder snares and a quicker tempo compose a snappier result in Painful Wisdom

Rico Casazza

Jobsuck opens with synths familiar to the dub-techno thread running beneath the EP – it builds, teeters – before breaking down into a garage track that rattles along for seven minutes. Warm ambience and flowing vocals wash over the track until it abruptly cuts out. Lovely until the end, the conclusion to Jobsuck is one of the EP’s more frustrating moments.

There are flourishes of accomplished artistry woven throughout the eight tracks on the EP, with Dark Matter and Allichu fertile examples. The conclusion to Jobsuck is the scrappiest moment on the EP, but besides this brief moment the other tracks have been structured with wonderful subtlety and care. Neither pushing the frontiers of dance music nor baying for gun fingers, Yaman hosts a selection of well-produced tracks with some delicate touches. Listen closely. 

By Ed Fernyhough | Loose Lips




1. Golden Leaf

2. Sequenza

3. Dark Matter

4. Jobsuck


A1)  Aye

A2) Allichu

B1) Painful Wisdom

B2) Yaman