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Rico Casazza - Yaman (Arch129)


Rico Casazza - Yaman (Arch129)

Our first ever premiere introduces the 129th imprint on Montreal-based label, Archipel.  This album from Italian Rico Casazza hosts 8 intriguing tracks, 4 of which are available only for those who invest in the wax!

Our featured track is one of those vinyl bonuses, named as the entire album is...'Yaman'. Its hypnotic and music box styled melody, is the first stand out feature. As the electro-led beat and energetic claps develop, so does its wonderful 303 bassline. The track epitomises Rico's style in its perfect balance between his melancholic songwriting and his desire to make people move.

Yaman is out on the 30th November on 12” & digital. Available in stores or available direct from the label here - archipelmusique.bandcamp.com/.

ARTIST PROFILE (by Miles Murgett):

https://soundcloud.com/ricocasazza After ten years of producing electronic music, Rico Casazza has created a successful identity for himself and his moody, yet melancholic style of making music. Casazza has released on labels such as Soma, Archipel, Plastic City and our very own platform Loose Lips, which has helped him establish himself amongst the ranks of diverse producers in London. This is no easy task due to the sheer volume of quality artists hailing from this great city. Whether it is Ambient, House, Electro or IDM that you are looking for, Casazza will have his own tripped-out and crunchy take on it. His highly effective, sample-based way of producing reinforces these stylistic qualities.

Rico Casazza has had a very successful career so far with over fifteen releases under his belt and even with this impressive figure behind him, he shows no signs of slowing down. Showing the depths of his musical knowledge, he's turned his hand to teaching others how to use Ableton live and all he knows about the DAW. As well as teaching, he also spends time working on his hybrid live set that gives an insight into his love for analogue synthesisers. Rico’s live performance has taken him around Europe and South America, adding to both the maturity and vast array of influences behind his productions.

Rico Casazza’s latest offering is eight tracks in the form of his second LP. We have the privilege of premiering ‘Yaman’, which demonstrates his no-holds-barred approach to writing. As a teacher, producer, live performer and an incredible selector behind the decks, Casazza has cultivated a varied and detailed range of skills. We here at Loose Lips have followed his musical journey thus far with great curiosity, and can’t wait to see the ways in which he will surprise us in the future.