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Resonance Series 11: Oli Johns


Resonance Series 11: Oli Johns

Welcome to the next installment of the 'Resonance Series' - Music massively influences visual art, and vice versa. This monthly feature introduces you to musical individuals through the other art forms that they engage in, telling a personal story of their creative output and how different mediums influence each other.

Oli's nastiness has always shone through, from his early productions to his more recent sensory blasts. Oli has always had a leftfield approach and has come out with some incredible belters as-well as some truly emotional music. His imagination and technical knowhow have led his hand to all kinds of still and moving imagery. 

Oli remixed the compilation Manhattan Research, Inc. by Electronic musician and composer Raymond Scott.

A virtual journey Designed with spatial sound in mind.

Oli's work has an explosive expression giving definite vibes of Nicholas Cage losing his shit, but equally he stirs up reflection and exploration. His collaboration with Maddie Banwell brings you a 4-hour stream of field recordings paired with video. The pairing of sounds and video is algorithmically determined, so the audiovisual space is forever changing.

The stream can be found here:

Oli now works as an editor at a film marketing company and continues to produce audio and visual work. 


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