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Resonance Series 1 - Ella Blou


Resonance Series 1 - Ella Blou

Welcome to the first ever edition of 'Resonance Series' - a new feature, curated by Jasper Golding, about the interplay between art forms. A love for showcasing and sharing music is at the centre of Loose Lips and there are numerous ways in which this can be done.

Music massively influences visual art, and vice versa. This feature, running every other Tuesday from now on, introduces you to musical individuals via their visual art first, telling a personal story of their creative output and how different mediums influence each other.



Ella is an absolute style icon with a wicked fashion output and a beastly sense of music selection. Her inspiration comes from storytelling in landscape design; her favourite work uses buildings like giant graphics and abstract forms to create calming retreats. In her spare times she explores a Parisian dreamworld filled with modernist shapes and green architecture. 

Her inspiration is super calming, often made up of open space blocked in with large masses of colour. A land of infinite expanse and long days of open Blou skies. 

“There is both a visual and emotional link between the work I make and music I listen too.”

She’s in touch with a groovy sense of ease, this demeanour comes through in her design work, such as this line-up design for Champagne Funk:

We chatted about how different forms of art influence her on instagram:

“Sometimes it’s obsessive, and the emotional place in the music feels so real that I can immediately find textures or aesthetics associated with that place to portray in my work. Sometimes it’s patterns, and juicy nuggets of synthesiser, which I think helps me layer my ideas repetitively to focus on tiny details.” 

'Juicy nuggets of synthesizer' is right - her selections are cheeky but ever-cool. Her inspiration from buildings feeds directly into her fashion design and then melts into her music. She sees links between images and sound like some kind of synesthetic mage.

There isn’t a specific genre that I use to create, and that’s why some of my mixes jump all over the place and focus more on mapping the colours and textures.”

A mixer and blender of tunes and mediums, Ella is a wealth of inspiration and style. In her fashion work, it’s as if she designs uniforms for a culture populating her favourite spaces. Ella's style appeals to an imagined future, one these architects also imagine. And you can see all her mediums inform each other. She’s got some interlinked ways of describing her music choices:

“If it’s electronic music it can be very architectural, and modern but also abstract and textural. If it’s older or of a different genre, it can be somewhere more dusty and rural or sprawling with grand mountains and the smell of damp earth. I just really want to translate this kind of escapism visually.”

When I see an instagram post from Ella, I enviously imagine her taking a morning paris walk. Like in some kind of dream world, she’ll be exploring inner and outer worlds of clear light Blou.

When there’s a world vivid enough and I can put words and sounds to it then I can make mixes that focus on only that alone. I find it deeply reassuring and inspiring when I find music that communicates a VERY spécifique and sometimes completely new place.

After her BA in Fashion Design, she got picked straight up for internships from Jacquemus and Marine Serre in the same year, and continues to produce stylish works of fashion, music and design.

Check out Ellas mixes, Transient Landscapes, for Skylab radio on her Mixcloud.

We hope you've enjoyed the first edition. See you in 2 weeks time to delve into another creative mind!