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Redeyes & Monty feat. [ K S R ] - Almond


Redeyes & Monty feat. [ K S R ] - Almond

Up this week for the fix we have the legend that is Redeyes...

Coming out of Toulouse, France, the man they call Redeyes has graced us with his soulful selections on labels such as Vandal, Fokuz. More recently, he's been closely affiliated with Lenzman’s The North Quarter, where he's become a certified staple on the label, releasing numerous projects and albums showcasing his heartfelt multi-genre sound.

Turning a new corner in his journey, Redeyes presents us with his new imprint, ‘Five Alley’, a platform to showcase his productions and, in his own words, is about spreading frequencies that resonate with the soul. The name is a nod to the notorious move in basketball, and so there is a strong ethos around collaboration and partnership displayed in the first release on the label. The track, named ‘Almond’, features friend and fellow French native Monty on production complimented by the sweet vocals of K S R.

The track begins with rattling drums and soft swells of strings and pads. As the beat comes to life you can start to feel Monty’s influences seep through the percussion. As the piece progresses, we hear the signature vocals of K S R gliding across the beat and the dreamy distant synths inducing you into a dream state.

The full package includes cameos from more pals including Lenzman and, of course, no soulful Drum & Bass release would be complete without a blessing from Manchester's DRS. This has set the bar high for the label, I'm sure the standard will be adhered to in releases to follow, so keep an eye out for more to come.

Dropping September 24th you can also pre order a gorgeous limited edition blue marble vinyl.