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Raw Silver - Thanatos EP

Release Review

Raw Silver - Thanatos EP

Raw Silver is Cypriot-born and Berlin-based producer and art/design practitioner Nico Stephou. The Thanatos EP is the most recent of a string of releases on labels such as Seagrave, Low Income $quad, and Speaker Footage. Released on Honest Electronics – a self-described 'Do-It-Together' label from Cyprus that focuses on linking local Cypriot artists with the international network of electronic musicians.

Although the three tracks showcase only a small amount of Nico’s output, they offer a personal journey of reflection upon what has been a "life-changing year" for the artist. ‘Thanatos’, ‘Frankincense’, and ‘Microyoga’ each play their part in the process of death, cleansing and rebirth. Commenting on the meditative nature of the record, Nico states that it is deals with "...both grief and liberation. Death marks the end of current habits or situations...through my music I’m translating how that rippled on my emotional spectrum".

Being a self-taught artist and musician, Stephou learned how to master the Logic Pro software over the course of nine years, which allowed him to develop processed field recordings and hone his slicing skills. However, Nico’s productions do not only consist of weightless matter – much of his beats constitute slices of underground 90s techno tracks, which we can see more of in his 2016 debut EP Aqua Spells. Nico asserts, "In general, I try to create things I haven't heard before from a very specific tool kit created over the years."

In some respects, Raw Silver’s sound has a primordial nature, bringing about states of hypnosis, cartharsis or contemplation in the unending process of development. The syncopated soundbites herein become transcendental catalysts in their creation of hypnotic, gaseous environments designed for contemplating one’s existence, memory, and being.



Released October 25, 2017