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Rave Memories: Impact Driver (9/2/20 - 10/2/20)


Rave Memories: Impact Driver (9/2/20 - 10/2/20)

Pictures by @miah.411

I have been asked to write about some rave memories for this article. Right now they all seem like distant memories in a far off land but let's keep the faith and hope we will all be out on a dance floor soon, meeting randoms and shaking away our inhibitions.

This was the last big night I seem to remember having before lockdown kicked in. It was shared with my partner in crime, my brother James. That night I knew there were some good events on and we were both in two minds whether to go out or not. Things started off pretty calmly going for a few pints in a local pub in Leytonstone called the Red Lion. After a few drinks, I was texting a good friend, a legend called Bosey, who I had met at a night called Das Booty at Venue MOT. (Awesome night and label! Check them out!)

Anyway, he was having a few pints in Walthamstow so we jumped in an uber there and joined him for a few more cold ones. We hung out for a while, chatted way too much about carpentry and tunes and then parted ways for the evening. While we were in the smoking area talking about drum machines a guy overheard us and came and joined our conversation. We bonded quickly about having the same drum machine and he invited me and my brother to his studio just round the corner. We ended up hanging for an hour or two messing around on his drum machine. Was lots of fun.

At this point me and my brother were in a mood to dance. The devil had been awakened within us and we were out for a good time. We knew Unmasked was on at Electrowerkz, tried to convince our new mate Tautvydas to come but he had work in the morning, and bought two tickets. So it was a jump in the uber and straight to Electrowerkz. We came in time to see East London badman Evil Dust’s set. Afterwards we caught Sharplines set. Both DJs smashed it, playing a hybrid of EBM and industrial sounds.

I have a special place in my heart for Electrowerkz. Have had some great nights there and Unmasked are great promoters always putting on cohesive nights that make sense. After Unmasked, it was only right to head to the best place on a Sunday morning. The booming walls of Room 2 Corsica Studios were calling, it was Jaded o’clock. Jaded is a force of nature, and is a must to experience. Especially if it's an EP launch for newly Jaded resident, Lorezno Papini, like it was that Sunday. So from Angel it was another uber straight to jaded. We had a great time, and danced to hard pounding techno for a few hours, standouts including Lockheart in room 2.

We met up with a friend there and all decided to go on to Unfold at Fold. Fold’s Sunday parties are always the icing on the cake at the end of the weekend. We had a great time at Fold and enjoyed the whole thing a bit too much. I remember me and my brother at one point thinking the rectangle shaped room that is Fold had been turned into a multi triangle room. The standout set came from Nosebleed b2b Nakamoto. Effortlessly smashing breaks and techno at breakneck speed but always making it work in a flowing seamless fashion.

And that was that. A pretty heavy weekend but a great one for sure. I attempted to go to work on Monday but ended up just staying on the train past my stop and walking by the river Thames and drinking coffee. It was a pretty shacky feeling, but as we all know what goes up must come down.

I have attached some photos. James took these during the first lockdown in March after the clubs had all shut. Enjoy. Thanks for reading if you read this far.