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Randomer - Shapework @ The Mash House, Edinburgh - 14/01/17

Event Review

Randomer - Shapework @ The Mash House, Edinburgh - 14/01/17

The Winter months have seen a surge in stellar bookings in Edinburgh. Both young and old techno collectives have brought an impressive range of artists, with more and more debut appearances such as DJ Stingray, Oscar Mulero and Dax J to Scotland’s capital.  December 16th saw various venues host Pangaea, DVS1 and Ben Sims all in one night. It’s no surprise that with the arrival of 2017 came some more pretty exciting announcements as smaller, newer collectives have gathered momentum in the scene. The first of these ambitious bookings came from Shapework, a relatively new monthly party whose previous guests ranged from Whities label boss Tasker, to recent Blueprint protégée Rommek. Celebrating their first birthday this month, Shapework brought North London A-lister Rohan Walder, better known as Randomer, for his Edinburgh debut.


Randomer’s discography reveals his dedication to the pursuit of different sounds, with releases Untold’s Hemlock Recordings, Glasgow party-friendly Numbers and London industrial imprint Perc Trax, to name a few. Although his tracks have channelled these various influences throughout his career, they’ve never become fully esoteric, maintaining the same ‘stomping,’ dancefloor-orientated sound we’ve come to know him for. After a killer set at last year’s Dekmantel festival alongside five acclaimed releases it seems as if this was the ideal time for Shapework to lock him in, the event selling out well in advance.

Warmup duties were ably handled by resident Sholto, who delivered a driving set that never overstepped the limits of the opening DJ. Highlights like DJ Richard’s vocal classic ‘Leech2’ on White Material and lesser-known synthy roller ‘No 34,’ by Terron gradually maintained the energy on the floor as the room steadily filled.

Following on from Sholto, Randomer was then able to stoke up the momentum immediately. Fluently transitioning into piledriving 4x4 techno that varied from bass-influenced tracks such as his 2016 release ‘Concierge,’ to notorious dance-floor hits like Fango’s ‘Rectum.’  Final minutes saw him digress into a more acidic electro vibe that, despite determined calls for ‘one more tune,’ from the crowd, provided a coherent end to the night. Daze’s ‘Untitled,’ on Lobster Theremin, stuck out as a particular crowd-pleaser.


After setting the bar with January’s party, Shapework are sure to be making movements in 2017 while honing their UK-orientated sound. Having just announced their next show with Mumdance in February, big things could be on the horizon for both Shapework and Edinburgh’s nightlife as a whole. 

By Alex Davidson | Loose Lips