Loose Lips

Rachel Kerry

Live Session

Rachel Kerry

We've the pleasure to showcase artist Rachel Kerry on this new Loose Lips Live Session!
She's offering this extra fresh hyper-pop song!

After receiving world class jazz saxophone training and a two year tour with “The Best of WHAM!”, Rachel Kerry started exploring her love of all things pop by writing and singing her own music. 

After her debut single Be My was picked up by BBC Introducing in her home town of Nottingham, Rachel started working with producer Joe Rodwell to create her first EP Obsessions

The dream pop sound of this emotionally explorative work complements Rachel’s smooth, lyrical vocals. However, late 2020-2021 sees Rachel Kerry develop her sound further to include elements of her new found love of hyper-pop and PC Music.

These new influences have lifted Rachel’s music to a bubblier, more tongue-in-cheek realm, whilst maintaining a mainstream pop appeal. Always inspired by unique sounds, birdsong and music boxes can be found in her tracks, morphed into anything from hi-hats to huge bass patches. 

The combination of 80s and 90s synth-pop influences, coupled with forward-thinking production, propels Rachel’s music into the future and beyond.