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Quimper - Little Legs for Little Eggs

Release Review

Quimper - Little Legs for Little Eggs

As the liner notes exclaim, “Your time has come and gone. There are only eggs now.” So too are we reminded of our own temporal existence and the unfurling, unending and unpredictable stream of global events. ‘Little Legs for Little Eggs’ – London-based duo Quimper’s third release this year – forms four-tracks of eerie electrónica that project a looming feeling of uncertainty.

Swirling swells, muttered vocals and syllabic samples resonate through twysting whisps of melodic air. There is a choral nature to these tracks, with a ghostly group of transposed voices layered to unnerving effect. In contrast to some of the linear, bastard-pop structures of previous releases, the absence of an established groove only adds to this ten-minute snapshot of Quimper’s zygotic world.

Given the eeriness of a world ruled by humpty-dumpty, Quipper's latest collection of recordings feels more of a colourful, ritualistic affair constructed with a free-spirited simplicity. That is not to say the tracks are quaint or twee by any respect – the subtle echoed whispers, punctuating toms, and layers of piano, organ, and dull swells combine to create a a pleasantly ghostly atmosphere. Like a crackling warmth of a forest fire from a distance, 'Little Legs for Little Eggs' provides unnerving comfort from an outer realm.



Released October 14, 2017