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PREMIERE: FridaΨ - Inmates


PREMIERE: FridaΨ - Inmates

An emotional piece sitting between darkwave, industrial and electronica.

Inmates was created during the Amplify Berlin music residency under the mentorship of an electro-acoustic composer and performer Hainbach. Him and FridaΨ used all sorts of gear, from bass guitar and harp to Analog Rytm and a tape machine from the 1950s. The result is a bittersweet ode to deep friendships. Photo by Diane Esnault.

Out now on digital - Order: https://fridayinveins.bandcamp.com/track/inmates



FridaΨ is a Berlin-based artist using synths, bass guitar, harp, vocals and field recordings for creating slow, dark songs. Her musical influences range from darkwave and UK bass to post punk and experimental electronic music, but her main inspiration is both natural and urban environments as well as her own dark inner universe. In 2020, she released an EP ‘The Night’ where she captured moments of cold solitude and poetic observations through her melancholic viewfinder. Her latest release is ‘Dreamared’, an EP she recorded together with Bridget Feral as MOSST. FridaΨ has a monthly radio show called Forest District on the London-based THREADS Radio and co-organizes Meetup Berlin, a monthly event for femme* & LGBTQ* electronic music artists and DJs.