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Placid’s Acidic art of Winding Down


Placid’s Acidic art of Winding Down

Well well well, if it isn’t you again, back for more bangers? Well I’ve been trying to improve my quality of sleep lately, a task that requires me to stop thinking about summer 2K21 atleast 30 minute before bedtime; ramped up heartrates and daydreams about joyfully shouting ‘FUCK OFF’ are not ideal for rest. I can only imagine how intense this problem would be if I was a legendary rave DJ with 30 years of experience destroying young ones’ minds. WELL, as luck would have it, the legend that is Placid is here to guide us through this process, sharing the tunes that can help us find calmness in the midst of the naughtiness. Take it away matey…

The key here is to focus solely on the acid line once it gets going. No other synth quite has that bounce and bendiness that acid can bring to the table. I’ve been using tracks like these to help me unwind after big night out for the past 30 years or so… and will keep doing so for the next 30 hopefully…..

First heard of Sebastian Mullaert when I bought his Chant De Paris 12 on Ovum, so when I saw this pop up in Apollo records, I knew it was going to be quality. Really nice use of 303 bassline. Tweaked just enough but not too much.

Cignol has been a buy-on-sight artist for me since his untitled 12 on Lunar Disko Records. Always managing to squeeze every last ounce of soul from the machines.

James Zeiter is probably best known for his forays into dub techno and head honcho over at Manchester’s Vinyl Exchange. He goes back to basics on this one with nothing but pure 303.

I’ve actually been playing the other side of this since I bought it but discovered this one by happy accident when I asked a friend to put it on and he put this one on by mistake.

The late great Susumu Yakota. So many aliases to choose from but Ebi is far and away my favourite. I had the two 12” releases already so bagged this when I saw it for a couple of pounds in the basement at Notting Hill Music & Video Exchange. Takes a while for the acid line to come in but its well worth the wait.

No introduction needed for these guys. This was part of the brilliant Electronic Dub LP which came out on Blue records and then Rising High. Tough to pick one but this one came out on tops, as the title was acidically based.

Jonah Sharpe on top of his game on Reflective records. The acid in this is up there with the best. Also worth checking out his Sea Biscuit LP for more of the same vibe but less acid.

Responsible for some of the most innovative 303 throughout the 90s. I think Sheet one will always be my favourite but there were some absolute gems on Musik. This one for instance.

I first heard of Dircsen when a friend recommended a 12 of his called Encounter. After a bit of investigation, it transpired that he absolutely knows his way around a 303. When thinking of launching a label, I figured that as there was no clubs, it might be good to have something for the brain, rather than for the feet. Last Spare was the result of that thinking.

Nico and Raymond Castoldi only did a couple of 12s together but both contain some of my most cherished tracks. Listen is one of them.