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Picks: Meaney’s Minimal Grooves


Picks: Meaney’s Minimal Grooves

Meaney’s love for DJing has spanned a career lasting almost ten years. Having performed across Europe and North America - he takes a protean approach to curating his music to the taste of his audience. You can find him plying his trade at his own events, as well as alongside his UK-based collaborators - including Loose Lips and Syzygy. Currently studying at The Abbey Road Institute in London, Richard is dedicated to the all-consuming pursuit of continually improving his musical production and mix engineering.

Alongside his co-founding partners, parting in Canada and Artro in Costa Rica, Meaney manages the international record label, event series and musical collective, microminimal. With an ever-growing team of residents from eight countries, across three continents, microminimal always aims to promote and explore the global phenomenon of ‘minimal’ as a broad production concept, showcasing its various sub-genres rather than purely focusing on one.

This mantra is well reflected in the label’s musical output as well as the weekly showcase on Threads Radio, The microminimal takeover. In its two years of existence, and almost 100 episodes, the show has welcomed artists of 33 different nationalities and celebrated their regional takes on the musical philosophy of ‘minimal’.

Today, Meaney has put together some music to reflect on this beautiful journey of musical discovery and the friendships he has made along the way.

Alex Font & Nils Weimann - Ballets (Lizz Remix) 

I met these gents when we collaborated with Vibe, Warm Lab, Acme Records and Subtil on the last Syzygy event before the 2020 lockdown. I was thrilled to hear they were working with Lazare Hoche (another favourite of mine) on this release - and it does not disappoint.

Its dubby tones and driving baseline carry the track into an energetic and hypnotic state. In their own rights, Alex, Nils and Petre are three of my favourite artists, so this EP is a dream come true in terms of the quality it showcases. You can check Alex and Nils’s debuts on The microminimal takeover - episode 100 special on July 2nd.

Cooke - La Scoica 

My next track is by a great friend and in many ways mentor - Cooke. When I started my label - he offered invaluable advice and eventually joined the team himself.

Biases aside, he is one of the most promising up and coming artists in the scene. His bright future is a reflection of his industrious approach to improving as a producer, and the results speak for themselves.

This track is released on our friend’s platform, Technical Glitch, ran by OSCE and Human Logo. Its dreamy pads, chords and rhythmic breaks make this a perfect track for the dance floor as well as home listening.

Daniela Cast - Mouth of the Lion (WNB107) 

I’ve been an admirer of Daniela’s music for a long time - her passionate approach to music making has led her on a stellar journey as an international DJ and producer. This track combines a deep and dubby bass with some mesmerising textures and tones. I can’t wait to get to Berlin and spin some tunes together, with selections like, I feel that is it is long overdue.

Devv - I Don't Mind [LBD002] 

I booked Devv to play the very first microminimal event in Toronto in 2019, and we have kept in touch ever since. Incidentally, parting and I met at an All Blak Records event, leading to the formation of microminimal, so it was fitting to have him and his label partner Paul Quzz play at our party.

I love this track’s bouncing bassline, metallic glitches, and entrancing pads - I cannot wait to play it out this coming summer.


Dragutesku - Iluzie [Pandemic011] 

A man who needs little introduction - Dragutesku is one of the leading artists of the new crop of Romanian talents. It has been a pleasure to get to know him, with an incredible performance of his at Syzygy in November 2019, an unforgettable mix on The microminimal takeover, and a hilarious all-nighter to watch RPR at Fabric being some of my highlights.

This track embodies his signature sound, characterised by his mind-bending rhythms and expert explorations of sonic mood and texture.

JorDee - Floaty Boaty [NBN001] 

The Ukrainian DJ and Producer is quite the character - his unrelenting energy and larger than life persona seeps into everything he does.

Floaty Boaty is the debut release from his Never Be Normal project, it features jubilant synths with a rolling groove (reminiscent of the French minimal house movement), Jazzy embellishments on the piano, and intricately sibilant hi-hats. The track takes listeners on a genre-bending journey through space and time.



Ki.Mi. - Polimer (Lorik Remix) [KR008] 

The Swiss maestro returns once more with a killer release on the Russian label, Kashatskikh Records. Lockdown has prevented our plans so far, but I am dying to bring Lorik to the UK to spin some tunes - let’s hope we can work something out for 2021 or 2022!

The track encompasses his unique ability to conjure deeply encapsulating grooves. I listen to his music and always find myself involuntarily bobbing along - reflective of the subliminal quality he imparts onto all his productions.

Matio - The World At The Start Of Life [SRW005] 

The UK-based selector and producer dropped this one on the Tunisian outfit, Saraw. Matio is one of my favourites exploring the darker side of minimal, taking a slight thematic break from the previous tracks - which largely focus on the brighter, more dreamlike states. His productions are perfect for those late night / early morning sets where you truly want to lose yourself in the music. It was a pleasure to book him to play at The Cause last year, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Matje Vocal Reinterpretation) 

Another artist who usually explores the more textural and darker side of minimal, Matje has been a favourite of mine for a long time. It was truly an honour to play b2b with him last year. I don’t think I ever told him but this track was a huge inspiration in a summer where I decided I would fully dedicate myself to music. This flawless remix of The Doors takes me back to the summer of 2018 in Toronto, warm weather, beach parties and good vibes all round.

Cooke - Complimentary Butter (Mikhu Remix)  

It was lovely piece of news to find out that Cooke and Mikhu had started collaborating - and that the microminimal collective was inspiring artists from around the world to work together and produce some outstanding music. Much like his good friend Lorik, Mikhu’s ability to capture a listener with his deeply hypnotic grooves makes it near impossible to turn off once it has started, and always leaves a lasting impression.

Red Pig Flower - Meduza Madness [WIP003] 

It has been a pleasure to get to know this incredibly talented artist - not only does she produce and DJ but explores all kinds of visual forms of art as well. Her passion for music is evident from the second you speak with her - and this love carries through to her selections and productions. This track is deeply transcendental - taking the listener to a dark Berlin dance floor and escaping reality. It’s another I cannot wait to play out when dancing returns!

Catch Red Pig Flower’s debut on The microminimal Takeover – 100th episode special on July 2nd.

Find more from the artists here:

microminimal: https://soundcloud.com/microminimalrecords

Alex Font: https://soundcloud.com/alexfont

Cooke: https://soundcloud.com/cooke_uk

Daniela Cast: https://soundcloud.com/danielacast

Devv: https://soundcloud.com/devvmusic

Dragutesku: https://soundcloud.com/dragutesku

JorDee: https://soundcloud.com/jordeeneverbenormal

Lizz: https://soundcloud.com/petre_lizz

Lorik: https://soundcloud.com/lorik_music

Matio: https://soundcloud.com/matthewharringtonmusic

Matje: https://soundcloud.com/matje-ro

Mikhu: https://soundcloud.com/mikhu_music

Nils Weimann: https://soundcloud.com/nilsweimann

Red Pig Flower: https://soundcloud.com/ekalprince