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Picks - Kraymon’s 10 tracks to stroke cats to


Picks - Kraymon’s 10 tracks to stroke cats to

Drawn to creative freedom, Kraymon moved to Bristol 20 years ago where he co-promoted KINGPIN for over seven years, establishing it as a staple in this famous city's nightlife. Pete has regularly performed around the world with highlights at Fabric in London, Glade festival, Glastonbury and Shambala, combined with tours around Spain and Australia. Today Kraymon is a co-promoter of Supersmash, also in Bristol, a night that also hosts a monthly radio show on 1020.live. He is ready to go with his new mind blowing live set and is currently expanding his catalog at pace. This is a new era of Kraymon that is not to be missed. His latest release “Falling” has just been released on Triple Geek Recordings backed with a remix by label owner Stefan Goodchild

FSOL - My kingdom


Majestic, regal and calm. This track always transports me to another world, as does most of FSOLs work.

Mathew Jonson - Typerope


We’re on a mission now. This track is deep but works so well on the dance floor too. Minimal, driving, prowling.

Nils Frahm - Says


I love a lot of Nils Frahm work and this is probably the most obvious. But that key change drop is just beautiful. Feels warm and fluffy.

DMX Krew - Torpedo Tube


Electro from the master with an infectious, optimistic melody. Cats and 808s go hand in hand, right?

Clark - Herr Bar


Quite and old one but trippy and usual. Like the way cats stare at walls for no apparent reason.

Squarepusher - Welcome to Europe


Another old classic. They have cats in Europe too you know.

Anunaku & DJ Plead - Clap Clap


I love the drums in this and the eastern vibe. Great breakbeat for felines.

Maribou State - Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)


The vocals purr in this one. Such a great tune from a great album.

Throwing Snow - Purr


Had to put this one in! New from throwing snow. If you haven’t checked the album out yet, do so now. Some beauties on there.

Plankton Wat - Wind mountain


It’s the end of this relaxing track I like the most. Curl up and go to sleep.