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Picks: Hard Lounge


Picks: Hard Lounge

With the UK lockdown lifted, the prospects of heading out to pubs and parties is slowly becoming a long-yearned-for reality again. But with every party comes a solid after party, and where better to have one than in your beloved living room: The place that has had your back in the last year. That ever-patient vestibule for video chats and live streams. The stage for your Netflix binges. The chair arm to cry on. So get in from a night out, crank up the bluetooth speaker, turn off the lights, and get down to these living room bangers.

Datassette - Malfunction

John ‘Data’ Davies has a huge and clunky back catalogue of blisteringly melodic SID-chip-inspired beats, but this old track (originally released on one of the first ever netlabels Monotonik) has remained a firm favourite for the front-room saysh. Creepy but light-hearted business funk jam to kick things off.  

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 6

Super slick track from German house producer Danilo Plessow. Love the whining discordant chord progression here, and the fact that no DJ has ever mixed in to this track while preventing key clash (or have they? 17:40).

Against All Logic - If Loving You Is Wrong

Take a breather, grab an absinthe, and sip mindfully to one of Nicolas Jarr’s wonderful side projects. This more plaintive dance music is less exploratory than Jarr’s more expressive and avant grade self-titled work, but on careful listen, the connection is clear. Some psychedelic lighting could be a nice touch here. If you don’t have a lava lamp handy, then maybe squint at a table lamp? Do NOT light some candles. Bloody candles. 

Holden - Renata

Border Community badass and all-round vegan-techno enthusiast James Holden is these days focused more on live collaboration with physical musicians in physical spaces, whether it be leading his band The Animal Spirits, or producing Luke Abbott’s incredible new album Translate with a fascinatingamount of ‘room’ in the mix. However Holden’s last solo studio album is full of life, sounding like a soundtrack to a space-pirate film. As Renata comes to a thick hazy climax, maybe give the living room lights a violent toggling.

Ryan Davis - Aeons (Olaf Stuut Remix)

Such a pleasant little bouncer. As the bubbling melodies of this gorgeous remix flow and envelope, perhaps fill the space in your onesie with bubble wrap from all your lockdown deliveries and roll around the living room floor like a Michelin-man-shaped zorb. Now that’s comfort?

Rival Consoles - Odyssey

Things get a little more serious here, so pickle-backs are in order. Ryan Lee West’s new album Articulation continues the evolution of his dramatic and moody style established by older tracks like the pounding epic chugger that is Odyssey from 2015. I kinda prefer the older stuff, more consistent vibe, all about the melody, with the later stuff leaning too much on sound design to generate atmosphere? Pah whatever, it’s all good.

Luke Abbott - Brazil

A classic track by The ‘Analogue East-Anglian’ Luke Abbott (as no one ever said). Brazil is taken from the album Holkham Drones, an album inspired by an area of the north Norfolk coast. I have to admit that the South American mega-city has never once crossed my mind while shivering in a tent on a campsite at the nearby Well-next-the-sea, so whatever the reference here is must be too deep for us non-analogue-East-Anglians to understand. Back in the room. Limber up, it’s a game of ‘Pirates’ next…

Free Love - Inner Revolution

‘Pirates’, or more commonly known as ‘The floor is lava’, is a living room game where each contestant is tasked with making their way around the living room without touching the floor. Utilise cushions in hard-to-jump areas of the room. Careful on fragile furniture. The touching of the carpet is an instant dismissal from the game. The last one standing is awarded 30 seconds of deep smug.

Nathan Fake - Ezekiel

Blisteringly brutal kick drums, gnarly pads melting like audible Dali paintings, floppy mops of frizzy hair bouncing around on top of a violently nodding head. That’s about all I can remember from the ~4 times I’ve seen Mr Fake play a live set. 

Taloboman - Six Million Ways

Grab some tea, have a hug, a little cry, and reflect on an incredible evening. As well as thanking Axel Boman and John Talabot for this incredible collaboration, don’t be shy of also thanking your living room for everything they have done to keep you safe and comfortable. Also probably best to defer cleanup to tomorrow, I’m sure a few drinks were knocked over during Pirates, but you don’t want to make it worse. Happy hangover.