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Picks: Flow of Female Fantasy


Picks: Flow of Female Fantasy

For this edition of Picks I’ve collated a selection of female fantasy, dreamy landscapes for you to sit back to and enjoy in the deep hours of a dark evening, to sit in silence and contemplate the current state of the world and your mind. There’s a satanic and ambient vibe to all songs that cross genres of experimental, classical, electronic and traditional Indian music. All of these are female lead or produced tracks. In tantra, female energy is water. I believe all these tracks have a water element to them, in their fluidity, in their sound movement and intangible visuals they provoke. Bruce Lee is known for his mantra ‘Be Like Water’, probably influenced by Taoism and the life metaphor of flow. 

“That which offers no resistance overcomes the hardest substances. That which offers no resistance can enter where there is no space” 

(Lau Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 43).

The world is in a bit of a state and there’s uncertain futures. It is important to be like water, to flow, to move and to just ‘keep swimming’ and navigating this new era. Let these tracks enable your female water energy to flow and let yourself move through life without resistance. 

Bulgarian Folklor – Kaval Sviri

This is a beautiful track. Bulgarian choir singing is so mesmerising.

Lisa Gerrard – Sacrifice

This song has an especially satanic but also uplifting feel to it. Lisa is part of the collective Dead Can Dance, which is who the next track is by. Lisa sings in English but also has her own language she sings in.

Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim

Again, Satanic but slightly less uplifting, more goose bumpy.

Shelia Chandra – Sacred Stones

My Dad introduced me to Shelia and it’s someone I listen to probably every week. She has three albums of drone music, that I like to listen to while reading, called Pure Drones. 

Chelsea Wolfe – Fight Like Gods

One of my favourite artists for the past year has been Chelsea Wolfe. She is a hot mix of gothic rock, doom metal and folk music. This track is slightly different from her usual stuff and is on a collaborative album with the sing-song writer King Dude. 

Pan Daijing – Act of the Empress

As well as producing phenomenal music, Pan Daijing is a visual artist, which I think you would gather after listening to her music as it provokes so much visualisation. In cognitive neuroscience, there is a phenomenon relating to synthesia which causes auditory induced visual hallucinations; like when you are falling asleep and there’s a crash outside, and simultaneously, you get a visual-flash in the eyes. This music gives me a lot of auditory induced visual hallucination (with my eyes closed).

JASSS – We Solve This Talking

JASSS, as well as creating refined beautiful ambient electronic tracks (listen to full her album Weightless), does some killer sets. My favourites being the TTT X HÖR – JASSS set and the Radio 80000 x Blitz Take Over.  

Puce Mary – The Spiral

I came across this artist recently while preparing this playlist. Puce Mary is from Copenhagen, Denmark and is one to watch and continue listening to <3. 

Orphan Ann – Fever

Such a strong track here taken from the album, The Practice of Surrender. This duo combines drones with dreamy vocals to create a new, darker interpretation of synth music. 

Mala Herba – Szczodre Gody

I came across Mala Herba after watching her live set on HOR Berlin. She has a uniqueness, in message and energy, to her synth witchcraft music.

E-Saggila – Slug Talk

To end on something heavy, please enjoy this tuneeeeeee! I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey of the flow of female fantasy.