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Picks: Bouncing Raves


Picks: Bouncing Raves

For my edition of Picks, I’ve decided to select ten tracks which always manage to get the crowd bouncing at a rave. Having not being blessed with events over the last year or so, I’ve had a lot of time to go through old set lists, reminiscing over some very sick times at various venues and being reminding how much impact certain vibes can have on a crowd.

Angie Stone-Life Story (Booker T Vocal Mix)

This track is one of them that gives me goosebumps any time that it’s playing out, it’s full of funk and soul, setting the pace for a flavoursome set. I try and play this one as much as possible, never gets old to me.

Robin S-Show Me Love (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)

Everyone knows the original to this one, but this version, for me, seems to have more character and groove. Another vibey track full of life which can bring everyone’s spirits up.

Michelle Gayle-Do You Know (Full Intention Mix)

A right little pumper this one. The catchy vocals, synth stabs and bassline will have any crowd moving to this number.

DJ LT & Mr Wise-Gimme Luvin (Massive Mix)

Another one of my personal favourites. What is there to not enjoy about the infusion of reggae samples, bumpy drums and sweetheart vocals making a banging garage number.

El-B-Buck ‘n Bury (Feat. Juiceman)

Turning to the darker vibes; this classic is guaranteed to have heads bopping and bodies swaying with the swinging drums featured, with a subby bassline complimenting all the other elements inside.

Trends & JLSXND7RS Feat. Flirta D-The Undertaker

What to say about this one… Just straight up aggy ones start to finish, as soon as you hear the ominous intro you know it’s going to be an evil one.

Zha-Southampton Lengman (Trends Remix)

Another absolute filthy one here. Trends went in this remix, creating a stomping grime anthem which blends in so well to a lot of vocals sure to lock a dance.

Neffa-T-HKL Flip

I’m pretty sure most people know the original, so when you hear the smartly flipped version from Neffa its bound to put a smile on your face and make you vibe out to it. I love mixing this in sets with a good number of tunes, including other grime refixes or even bassline wobblers.

Blackcrown - Westway

Even though it was only released in the last couple years, this is nothing but old school grime flavours, J-Wing, K-Wing and Tiny Godfather have all went in on this naughty production from the infamous Youngstar DDJs. Definitely a regular spin.

Gundam - After Prom/Girlfriend

Last but not least, this bouncy fella from Gundam is perfect to finish an event off with, nostalgic feels kicking in as the lights come and people start to leave the venue as this runs through the system. Always gets me feeling emotional.