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Picks: 10 perfect Tracks to evoke mythological creatures


Picks: 10 perfect Tracks to evoke mythological creatures

This week in the Picks series, Valerio selects 10 perfect Tracks to evoke mythological creatures... say no more!

Virtual Reality - Follow Me

Highly evocative and atmospheric perfect for evocating Minotaur 

F¥ELD.EFFCT - mod01

Dark, intense and anxious groov that will bring bad spirits alive 

Ryoji Ikeda - Test Pattern #1101

Elements at the extremities of the frequency spectrum, evokes disturbance

Edit Select - Receptor

Locked groove and airy pads and harmonies suited for ancient spirits

Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel

Old school steady groove, interrupted by noise burst and dystopian harmonies. 

Lucy - Dissonance Emancipation

Tribal groove and ancient electronic ambient ready to evoke bad energies!

Dadub - Life

Complex grooves and with huge ambients sounds, perfect for Zeus

Caterina Barbieri - Gravity that Binds

Melodic ambients, exploring repetition and iteration, the perfect dish for moon wolf!

Monolake - Inwards

Complex pads and harmonies, the right soundscape for all types of evocations !!

A'N'D - The Epoch of Recombination

Complete chaos and distortion, satan will laugh!

Contributor: Federico Demarinis