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Phineus II - DAT039

DnB Fix 064

Phineus II - DAT039

For this week, the fix comes in the form of DAT039 by Phineus II. The Lo-Fi Jungle Techno dreamweaver that is Phineus II jumps back into the limelight this week with another awe-inspiring 4 track fix, courtesy of the formidable powerhouse and family staple that is Deep Jungle Records.

Wow! Where to even start with this one?

Phineus II absolutely kills it once again with his unique and provocatively addictive sound. Creating heavyweight bangers that are screaming for a hefty sound system, yet still maintaining such levels of intricacy and depth, that they could easily be listened to over headphones time and time again forever staying fresh and captivating.

Each track has a distinct theme; from hypnotic tribal percussion, uneasy humanoid vocals or dissonant synth leads to seductive soul samples of a bygone era and amens that phase so hard you feel youʼre about to shift dimensions.

Crispy granular breakbeats, rolling ghost snares and rough choppy cuts appear throughout. As per usual when it comes to Phineus II. These elements help to tie the EP together and drive each track with such style that the release should be aptly named ‘II Fast, II Phineusʼ.

Deep Jungleʼs DAT039 and DAT040 both drop in time for the August ‘Bandcamp Fridayʼ (06/08/21) So be sure to bag copies while theyʼre still about and help support the label and artists.


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