Loose Lips

Perceptive Dance by Rico Casazza


Perceptive Dance by Rico Casazza

Perception through dance has been a metaphysical construct that I have found to be one of the most interesting music facets. Dance is an embodiment of the soul, which is an embodiment of the mind, which is an embodiment of perception. There is no coincidence as to why the two words marry well together - they bring significant definitions from within. They are ineffable, and they are qualitative. They correlate directly in a way that initiates profundity into one's intuition. It's those aforementioned clauses that resonate upon my listening experience to this 5-tracker EP. Simply put, Perceptive Dance is a case study into the concepts of lucidity and the transformative, in varying degrees, forms and codas.

To make sense of this, we have to look at both the dynamic frameworks of each arrangement and the mutual connotations they bring. It is cleverly divided into the sequences and movements of the body of work, beginning with the palpable and "above-surface-level" driving rhythms of Camarones 4 x 4, and slowly move deeper and deeper, as if peering into the cosmic heart of black opal.

The opener brings across a sonic pallet that resembles a scorched Earth's subtle inflexions, a metered and meditated self-awareness that carries its themes in leu throughout. We are treated to the creature comforts of strong, foundational pillars of percussion, peppering responses of the ephemeral. Overshadowed are motifs that later will become more actualised. Characterised in its traversal, locomotive sensibility - it's almost fleetingly so. Earthy in texture, but seductive in tone.

Unsend begins the transformation period, with its ribbed dub echoes. One notable aspect is there is still an anchoring signifier, that being the bass tone, not that estranged from its former counterpart. Throughout this record, the bass acts as the guide - it rarely changes in its tone and formations, but firmly leads your subconscious, surrounding textures and movements become more and more potent in lucidity and intoxication. Peaks of light can still be felt in the stabs of chords, but the rabbit hole has opened and is taking you with it, descending lower and lower.

Divine Intervention is when the transformation can truly start to be felt and actualised. Everything starts to warp and detune. Spiralling in fractals, the bass guiding our hand once again, willfully tumbling down this myriad of uneven ground and formless weight. We become open to the turnstile of rotations and dissolutions, almost to the point of epiphany. Our psyche has now become true to the will of the master.

We start to hit concrete once more with Remind Me Pls, but it's not the dirt and rock we are used to. Instead, we greeted to a mosaic of cosmic rock and jewel-stone like surfaces. We reach familiar territory but in extraterrestrial plaines. We look out in vastness, miles and miles of space and time confront us. There is something profoundly comforting about it, despite the lack of comprehension it could surely make to us. The polarities start to blend to create a picture of the limitless we have never been privy to before.

End of Transmission is our final awakening. Our reflection upon the transformation we have endeavoured. Suddenly, we feel the rain. A subtle indication of normality. It's almost solemn but ultimately comforting. It's a neutral response and conclusion we have amassed to ourselves throughout our journey, now allowing us to be still and silent, as the dust rises and slowly fades away into the atmosphere. A moment of lucid reflection. A formal greeting to revelation. Our final transmission, before entering back into the mortal coil.