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Nøkken - 10 tracks to fall off your bike to


Nøkken - 10 tracks to fall off your bike to

The elusive artist Nøkken has just released a new self-titled 10 track LP, out on the label Polymath. Here's his ten tracks that he loves nothing more than to listen to whilst falling off bikes, and a quick insight into the new release:

A shape-shifting water spirit, with the ability to transform into anything in pursuit of luring prey to its depths. Sonically conceptual, warm, classic-inspired and hardware-enriched palette with roots in 90’s Detroit style electronic music.

Stephen Brown - The Year Zero


Can never get enough of this filtered, resonant stab. Oofftttt!

Mouse On Mars - Kompod


Curious, wobbly and full of intrigue. 

Efdemin - Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes


Classic efdemin vibes …. loopy, wonky and pushing.

Honeydropp - Sillyth


Because Sillyth is how you feel when you fall off your bike.

Wax - 3003B


Oos Ons ….. so insistent on it’s groove. 

Deepchord - Immersion I


Polarising elements; up the tempo and slow LFO pads …. sign me up for the IMMERSION

Move D & Benjamin Brunn - On The Magic Bus


Because that’s how your going to get to work when you fall off your bike and break your clavicle.

Auscultation - Lost You In The Fog


The pads a delightfully saturated and hypnotic, transports me too somewhere beyond.

RX-101 - Dopamine


Deep, dreamy and cosmic …. how I like my sleep.

High Tide - Time Unlimited


Unapologetic italo goodness. Love how these records were never over-produced and still had some grit.