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No Rewinds: The Single Sided Vinyl


No Rewinds: The Single Sided Vinyl

We are No Rewinds, a longtime night run out of North London, Threads Radio residents, and brand new label focussing on the wonkier end of bass and techno. For our Picks we've gone for the ultimate musical indulgence: the single sided vinyl. Hilariously uneconomical, we've all got a few lurking in our collection and the diggers know there's just something about these little slices of impracticality that makes them unfailingly compelling.

The first release on No Rewinds is the Mind EP by Callum Asa, out now via our 
Bandcamp and all good record stores.

Theo Parrish - Took Me All The Way Back

A highlight from Theo's formidable catalogue, and one of those tunes that somehow feels more special for the fact it sits on its own on the record.

Serge Santiágo - Atto D'Amore (Dub Version)

First heard this at Pickle Factory back in 2016 when Anthony Naples and Huerco S went b2b all night. I can't actually remember who played it but the point it dropped still sticks in my mind as one of those moments of pure raucous joy that you can only get in a club.

Airhead - Cristobal

Another percussive beaut which goes on and on — prime candidate for rolling up the pitch control and get the room's heads down.

Joe - Thinkin' About

Bobby McFerrin gets the dancefloor treatment in this classic; perfect assemblage from one of the scene's perfectionists.

All Soundbwoy Out - ASBO

If we're making a nod to prestige single-sided dubstep records the obvious choice would be Mala's Alicia, but it's hard to argue with Loefah's signature bassy menace here. Also it's a whole 12" just for a tune that's roughly 4 minutes long (ignoring the bookends). A level of indulgence you only get with the S-Sided vinyl.

Kara-Lis Coverdale - Grafts

Probably one of our favourite records to come out in the last 5 years, full stop. Simply beautiful.

S.O.P. - Ysaebud

Like a lot of people, we went deep into Andrew Weatherall's back catalogue after the sadness of his passing. This spaced-out dubby number is from Sabres of Paradise, the group Andrew formed with Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns. If you haven't heard too much of their stuff we heartily recommend you get digging, an insanely excellent body of work. 

Joy Orbison & Boddika - Tricky's Team

Comments on Youtube videos along the lines of 'this was the soundtrack of my uni experience' are so cringey. But alas, here we are.

Joe Claussell - The Harvest (Joaquin's Bayara Citizens Version)

In typical Claussell fashion, this tune is just that extra bit OTT, and you love it for that. A favorite to melt heads and whirl up the energy in the room several notches — persy of ours.

Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis

What else is there to say about Omar S, simply The Best. The man who don't even know who Ricardo Willalobo is comes in with 10 minutes of pure eyes down fire, this one deserves it's own slab o' wax no doubt about it.