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New Year - Big Joanie

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New Year - Big Joanie

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back! It all feels a bit glorious to me; mostly down to the sunshine and of course doors opening back up again. So, whatever way you are finding to be glorious, I hope you are safe and enjoying the rays. This week is a little bittersweet for me. I have to wave goodbye to Will Soer, Editor and, now former, Patron here on Sunday Jams. As the Loose Lips roster has started to grow so has the load, so as he moves a bit further back to manage from a different position, we have a new Patron stepping forward. Big, big love to Will, who I started out this Sunday Jam journey with and will be forever grateful for inviting me to get on board. You have been a source of encouragement, support, lush tunes and jokes. I’ve said before that it’s not often you get a boss who lets you be all of yourself creatively speaking, so it runs deep, and I know it's not goodbye but more of a see you later; Big Love hombre. So, hello goes out to Victoria, our new Patron, looking forward to this next leg with you, also some exciting new stuff coming for Sunday Jams so stay on it. 

A quick reminder before this week’s select  the last couple of edits have been about bands; namely the beauty of the concept and a couple of classic bangers from two heavyweight outfits. The next two edits are from the new school, both of whom I love for different reasons and will make you wile the hell out. Also, today’s select felt appropriate to kick off our new start. The track is New Year by London-based British punk trio Big Joanie from their 2018 album Sistahs. There is a connection with the band who kicked off the band theme; Sonic Youth. After a few single and EP releases this was Big Joanie’s first full album released on Daydream Library, founded by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore in partnership with Eva Prinz (get on this label if you aren’t already, for more musical adventuring make Ecstatic Peace Library in Hackney a music day out destination, also owned my Thurston Moore). This band and this album has everything I want in terms of musicality, depth of lyrics and the ability to take me somewhere whilst inviting me to dance. But what I love, love, love the most is the place and presence of strong identity both culturally and socially. 

Big Joanie describe themselves as a black feminist punk band. They celebrate being female, being black which includes their ancestry and being British, it runs through their music and rocks my world. I try not to use identifying markers when it comes to music because for me it just puts limits on where I can go. Music as a force for connecting with other stories and experiences is one of the most powerful out there, they don’t have to look like me or have a similar story for it to move me or get me dancing. However, I have to admit, through seeing Big Joanie do their thing resonated deeply with me; they are black women in the music world, bucking the stereotype and doing the unexpected. They do it in their colours and they do it so bloody well. They have been met with wide critical acclaim and this track is perfect for our Sunday Jamming. New Year is a beautiful rocking indie, stylish piece of a punk jam with spaces for dancing and a narrative to lead you along. A strong opener to an album filled with musical treasure produced by another favourite of mine, Margo Broom. So, enjoy the lo-fi sexiness of the raspy, soulful vocal set against the heavy bass drums with guitar riffs to carry you away and get on the Big Joanie love train with me. Happy Sunday!