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Nana’s Sunday Jams: The Wickedest Sound ft Tenor Fly (Don Gorgon Mix) - Rebel MC


Nana’s Sunday Jams: The Wickedest Sound ft Tenor Fly (Don Gorgon Mix) - Rebel MC

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist.

Yes Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers. All is a madness once again. Am hard trying not to dwell on the sands that are shifting so quickly beneath us; it’s just too disorientating, so instead I send you warm salutations, wish you love and point you to the Sunday Jams playlist. Dive in, I hope it provides some comfort and gets you moving in whatever way you like it and where you can find the space. Dancing and singing are such powerful antidotes for chasing away the blues and shrinking away some of the anxiety. 

So, part two of the mid-section hype track to get you going, ready to level up for your night out. ‘Damaged Goods’, last week’s part one, has set your levels to high and we are ready to push them into peak so by the time you hit your venue you are ready for distortion. Your DJ has skills and is leading you into the next tune, a hot stepper for a Sunday Jammer, something a bit grimey with an ease that blows through it courtesy of a Herbie Hancock sample. I chose this track not just because it’s a heavy slice but also because it’s a rewind back to a time where dancing and sweating next to a stranger posed no risk to your health, sometimes you made a friend or just caught a vibe with someone who loved the track as much as you and for, a few minutes, you were old friends connected by the force. 

The track is ‘The Wickedest Sound’ and the artist is Rebel MC (aka Congo Natty) ft Tenor Fly. Another stone-cold classic banger. This is a tune I inherited from an older cousin, to whom I have to send Big, Big, Big Love for this and all the music he put me onto. I spent hours entranced as he and his friends whiled away their days playing vinyl and debating over music. This track was a heavyweight, by a UK street music pioneer, from the 1991 album Black Meaning Good. It set a precedent, calling out to upcoming and emerging Urban talent everywhere in a time when you couldn’t turn on the radio and hear drum n bass, rap, grime, trap and all the other off shoots in the same space as pop, rock, indie and so on. The track starts off sampling ‘Watermelon Man’ by Herbie Hancock, giving it this abract feeling of taking a breath, deceptively breezy, ready to take you up. Don’t be fooled though it's anything but, shifting quickly into a higher gear, one thats heavier weighted in bass, it doesn’t take long before the junglist sound has come to take you inside.

The interplay between the MCs is immense, it’s tough, unrelenting pushing you into what is ‘The Wickedest Sound’, the track crosses through jungle, drum n bass and pays respect to the heavy Soundclash sound systems influenced by bass, dub, reggae and dancehall, all making it sound so big and charged. I love hearing the pure London energy brought by Rebel MC, he is the high in the track as he spits about his sound being ‘live and direct’, the Hancock sample floats above then you’re brought back down by Tenor Fly’s gravelly yell, he demands that you dance, he’s the hype. Love it so much. If you are not feeling ready for the next section, pure distortion, then I say once again; turn it up louder and hear him when he says ‘my sound leads the way’, because it does. Check out the rest of the album and hear future musical benchmarks being set, political messages that echo all the current discourse around Black Lives Matter and the general disenfranchisement of youth, like I said it's a heavy slice. Loves to you.