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Nana’s Sunday Jams: Pay Me - The Philharmonik


Nana’s Sunday Jams: Pay Me - The Philharmonik

[Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist.] 

Yes Yes Sunday Jammers, welcome back to you all. Hope things are good with you and are finding light where and when you can. So, a new month and a new theme. I’m pretty excited about this one, it could run forever in my mind, but I will resist the desire to overindulge – well I say that, I will try my absolute hardest. Slight change to the normal pattern; instead of the usual four week theme focus, I am pushing this new series to eight, it’s a theme I am pretty hyped about, all the tracks featured are recommends- all you regulars will know that’s one of my favourite ways of finding tunes. The next couple of months are dedicated to all the online recommendations, all music that has sought me out somehow. Since I took on Loose Lips’ Sunday Jams feature, many musical hands have reached out to say hello; a wonderful and unexpected fringe benefit of taking this journey. They cover a range of genres and musical spectrums which is pretty much the greatest fruit salad anyone could ever offer me, so I dedicate the next couple of months of tracks in honour of the beauties that have come my way over the last few months. 

So, it begins with a slow funk party courtesy of Californian Musician and Producer; The Philharmonik, from his 2018 debut album The Philharmonik and the track is Pay Me. This track is a whole lot of funk hip-hop and soul, wrapped in attitude. I came to it via a message on Facebook; very short and succinct – “mate this is a banger, have a listen”. Simple and effective; did the trick. Alongside Aloe Blacc’s I Need A Dollar, this should be an anthem for the downtrodden, pissed off and tapped out workers who have been undermined, underpaid and undervalued – also feels highly appropriate at the moment. Seems like I can’t go a day without reading how some capitalist overlord has been shafting tenants or workers, all that pent-up frustration and hopelessness spilled out and filled the pages of The Philharmonik’s lyric pages, all of it juxtaposed by the sweetest and slickest slow funk jam. 

It starts off slowly and surely, a funky bassline and R’n’B rhythm that got my shoulders and head moving instantly, then it reaches a vocal that owes a lot to classic R’n’B/Funk singers of the past but stamped with modern sensibilities and flow. The first time I heard it I was expecting a dark, sexy love song or seduction but was happily surprised by the direction it took. A first-person account of frustration and anger that cuts through the bullshit of someone making excuses about why they can’t deliver on their end – definitely something I can relate to, and that’s what makes this so doubly infectious; the relatability. When you put it on, you’ll find yourself dancing and possibly flipping the bird or the victory sign whichever is your piss off symbol of choice. It’s the kind of track whose words have to bee sung out at the top of your voice, loudly and with purpose, if you have something you have been keeping locked up I give you this and permission to let it the hell out. Let The Philharmonik be your guide and guru for the next few minutes. He’ll make you dance with funk style beats, soothe your steps with some R’n’B soul infused vibes, then levels it out with some 1970s inspired funkadelia then turns up the heat as you find yourself shouting ”Fuck you pay me, I ain’t doing any more work, until you give me what I deserve” 

If you find you’re down with it check out his Spotify Playlist for a look inside the musical brain of a beautiful talent who pays homage to some old skool forms but keeps it current with his own flavours and sensibilities. Thank you to all his inspirations including Sun Ra, Earth Wind and Fire, Christopher Cross, Prince, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye to name a few for lighting a fire inside him so he could bring all this energy. Hope you enjoy it Sunday Jammers see you next week.