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Nana’s Sunday Jams: Idiot Posture - Beautiful Headquarters


Nana’s Sunday Jams: Idiot Posture - Beautiful Headquarters

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Yes Yes and Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back to the Sunday Jams tour, hope you are enjoying the ride so far and ready for some more music.  This week’s track is an electro pop beauty with bite and came to me via Instagram - Thank You - the track is called Idiot Posture and the artist is Beautiful Headquarters from the 2019 EP Sounds Made Up

I have an Instagram friend request to thank for this and after giving the EP a good listen I went on a little dive to find out more about the producers, the project is the brainchild of Boston-based Composer, Musician and Producer, Adam Amoroso. The implied understanding of composition and structure which was confirmed when reading about his background and musical education, I was incredibly taken with a piece composed for a film project called Dope City released on Vimeo. This is the kind of artist that makes me feel happy and excited about being taken on a new music journey. I like where Beautiful Headquarters is going but I think it was the film score that excited me even more. It combines a love of sound design with melody in such beautiful balance, providing atmosphere and tension to the clip I saw leaving me with that feeling in the pit of my stomach that signalled something interesting, even menacing to come. 

The track - Idiot Posture - combines some of my favourite things. Catchy, well-constructed pop with a bubble gum surface-feel, but underneath is all dark, thoughtful and abstract whimsy that just wants to make you dance, check, check, check, THEN added bonus it also comes with social commentary about the world around it. Some tongue in cheek, scathing critique others deeper poetic and philosophical. Today’s track gives the finger to the pop culture clichés whilst taking part in the performance. Fun, skilful and thoughtful. Loves it. 

This track is initially rooted in electro slash breakbeat tinged with funk, soul and disco, topped with some pretty scathing lyrics calling out absurdities, idiocy and opinions that are formed without really understanding the implications. Symptoms of a time in history where people shout things without a basis for what they think they know; at least that’s the way it reads for me. There is a visual narrative element here, I imagine liberal hispters on a night out in a heated discussion with their conservative opposites, battling it out about the state of nation- one armed with seeming rational, sneering righteousness and the other ignorant, populist contempt, taking each other on in expensive threads on both sides. All held up by this dance rhythm that will have you moving in minutes. 

Idiot Posture and the EP – Sounds Made Up, are a homage to Electropop, referential in places but by no means stuck in the past. It has this mellow atmospheric dance appeal held up by an almost anthemic quality. A perfect number for a Sunday Jam. If you are interested in checking out the clip for Dope City and more about the Beautiful Headquarters, head to adamamoroso.net for more. Happy Sunday