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Nana’s Sunday Jams: £10 bag - Rescue Cat


Nana’s Sunday Jams: £10 bag - Rescue Cat

[Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist.] 

Yes Yes Sunday Jammers. Hope you’re well keeping warm or getting buried in the snow. Feels like light radiating in from all the crisp, clean whiteness dressing up all the empty spaces. Once you’ve finished frolicking come back inside for a luxury pop jam.

This week’s offering comes from an artist whose work I heard sometime back but lost touch with. This popped up in a playlist and it just seemed fitting and in keeping with my month-long pop playlist. This is actually a reversion of the original which was a real favourite, but I can’t track it down so this is the closest - but by no means second best - version.

So the artist is Rescue Cat, the track is £10 bag and it bangs. Robin - aka Rescue Cat - makes this seeming simple, breezy Pop music, steeped in melody. On top are sharply penned lyrics telling personal tales of love, longing, lost friendships, adventures. All sung in the sweetest of registers, it was a tingle fest when I first heard it. On £10 bag a childhood friendship is explored and reflected on during a trip on a motorway; stories within stories. Feels like an in-between time in an in-between place perfect for reaching back and having a glance at old faces, places, things - in this case the result is this beautifully penned pop piece of loveliness. The original version was a more electro-folk sound, whereas this version’s electro and dance elements have been turned up, adding more contrast with the vocals. On first listen it felt more wistful and reflective, but this arrangement is weightier, making it more melancholy, remaining beautiful. It has Hip Hop turns, nods to Dance and Bass music, touches into Electro, all in a beautiful Pop-Soul offering.

Use it to wind down your Sunday after you’ve warmed up and are ready to snuggle into the rest of the evening. Check out the Wretch 32 version for a different pace that works equally well. Pop loveliness that can turn itself inside out and reshape itself in any form it chooses. Gorgeous. I’m looking into if Robin has any new stuff but nothing will keep looking. In the meantime, enjoy.