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Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge - The Herbaliser (DJ Food Rebake)

Nana's Sunday Jams

Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge - The Herbaliser (DJ Food Rebake)

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Yes, Yes Sunday Jammers. Welcome back and hope you’re all good, good, good. So, back this week with a new mini tour and some stone-cold bangers cannot wait to share them with you.

This next tour stop is all about the instrumentals and compositions — partly inspired by 1010 Benja SL’s ‘Wow’. So, we are taking a break from lyrics to bask in the beauty of instrumentation, and explore layered compositions and be steered by structural details in the arrangements. Delving into sound stories and soundscapes with the power to take the listener on a journey, some inviting you to dance or feel or think, some of the selections might inspire fire or peace. Others might poke at your curiosity with questions about the technicalities of the arrangements or what it’s trying to do. All are stunning.

Today’s track is a combination of all of those delicious things and is an old favourite of mine, it’s a tune I go back to time and time again. It never fails to bring me joy, it makes any space peaceful, and continues to stimulate and excite my senses. It crosses through jazz, hip-hop, trip-hop all bound up to create a timeless piece of Electronica told through an orchestral arrangement. This track will weave its way through you with its many layers. It won't leave you feeling heavy but it’s cavernous, has endless depth, soul and endless magic. The tune is ‘Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge’ by The Herbaliser (The DJ Food rebake) and it’s a banger, perfect for a Sunday Jam. It’s an elegant, divine piece of music that builds so effortlessly then meets in a well-timed crescendo, soaring. My love continues to grow, I never tire of hearing it and always feels like the musical equivalent of fairy dust being sprinkled all around transporting you into a tapestry world filled with wondrous sights and sounds. There is a sample from a piece of music called ‘Danse Macabre by 19th Century Romantic French composer Camille Saint-Saens which gives it this slightly chilling but achingly beautiful edge which always fills my head with questions about who Mrs Chombee is, how did she come into being. Is she an homage to Saint-Saens character in La Danse? The deep intensity of the piano and oboe acting as heralds at the start sound out the way and hint at something to come - always fuels my curiosity about Mrs Chombee; how exactly is she taking the plunge. It’s like allowing a full suspension of my disbelief and unlocking the deepest parts of my imagination and letting it run free without framework, reference or context. For anyone interested check out the original, you’ll note how the DJ Food rebake brings much of the jazz but the original is equally beautiful and weighted. That’s what a well-constructed composition should give you musical moments along with teasing out stories to wrap your mind around. So, so beautiful.


If you are in need of some grounding and emotional stirring, then this is exactly the right conduit to help you along. If you have the space and speakers that allow, then turn it up loud – additional recommendation: listen in a place where you can watch the light change and you might be able to manifest the aurora borealis. Whichever way you listen, I hope you enjoy it and it brings some light to your Sunday. Loves to you.