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Moreno Ácido - 91 Fahrenheit EP (1980)

Release Review

Moreno Ácido - 91 Fahrenheit EP (1980)

Porto/London-based label 1980 - co-run by Frederico Mendes (Nave Mãe) and Tugalife - present the 91 Fahrenheit EP from Lisbon-producer Moreno Ácido. This long-awaited release comprises five tracks that began their existence way back in 2016. A Portuguese producer with a DJ history and production catalogue under various guises and styles, Mário Vinagre honed his FLStudio skills in Milan, crafting edits for established producers like Funkhaus FM’s Daniel Haaksman and some of Principe label heavyweight DJ Nervoso’s earlier productions. Now back home in Lisboa for a number of years, Moreno Ácido continues churning out sample-based patterns, and is responsible for the notorious Aurora afterhours parties alongside fellow Lisbon-based DJ and Extended Records joint-boss, Diogo

With this release, Moreno Ácido marks a move into a deeper, almost psychedelic side of House. Progressive and percussive, these patchwork constructions coat themselves in a hallmark haze, with a looseness and timeliness akin to the unrushed pace of Portugal’s vibrant capital, Lisbon.

In the opening bars of ’Come Again’, a liquified sample phases in and out like a tidal wash. Low in the mix, a sample encourages the listener to ‘’come again’’ before being reduced to a monosyllabic stab, sinking into the general groove. That being said, in many of Moreno’s predominantly sample-based works, prominent elements such as a vocal snip often slip unnoticeably into the unfolding patterns.  

‘Too Many Legs’ opens with a loose breakbeat bound together with a set of jangling cowbells. A suggestion of a rough bassline adds some stability, while geyser-like snares spurt out of the mix with periodic bursts of feedback. About a third of the way in, well-swung hi-hats give assertion to the groove, stimulating DJs and dancers alike. Moving on, the first minute of ‘High’ suspends the listener in a gaseous cloud. while a steady rhythm develops around them. Amid this weightless state, echoed vocals push through the lilac-flavoured haze, adding to the circular rhythm of the hats and claps at the forefront. Later on, a man’s voice joins in the chant, solidifying this sampled, ritual dance. 

As usual, Moreno Ácido is never in a rush but always on his toes. ‘Everyday’ has an assured stride. The gaseous element present in the previous work is now reshaped into a pattern of transposed stabs. Barely audible, the echoed mantra of “everyday” provides a deeper space, which allows sufficient room for the dusty claps, muted toms, and revolving layers of hats. This is a versatile tool for the DJ booth. 

Wrapping things up, the cut-ups in ‘Venus in Transit’ form an adapted ballerina box emanating a moody, snakin’ number held together by a grooving, melodic bassline that leaves enough room for contemplation on the dancefloor. This is especially true during the breaks, where a kalimba-esque melody gives a pause in-between the percussive sections. Again, as with many tracks on this EP, the songs never seem to restrict themselves to a boxed groove; rather, tunes wind their way without rush or stress. There is a certain relation to motion throughout this release, which it manages to evoke through the elemental sounds present in every track - whether through gas, air or water, this progressive feeling encapsulates the aesthetic of this release, which is, on the whole, positive and refreshing. 

Based on this EP and a plethora of unreleased material, the 91 Fahrenheit EP marks the first of a series of future releases for Moreno Ácido - one of the brightest producers and DJs in what marks a highly productive musical period for a city that is host to a diverse and far-ranging community of musicians, DJs, promoters, dancers, collectors and enthusiasts.  



Released June 19, 2017