Loose Lips

Luke Lund - Scourge (OHM7105)


Luke Lund - Scourge (OHM7105)

The beast is awake...

From Regis and Luke Lund's split EP on Ohm Resistance.

Out now on 7" - Available via their newly launched subscription service.


Ohm Resistance was founded in 1999 by Submerged and M. Gregor Filip. Originally a vinyl-only, drum & bass outlet, in 2006 the label expanded its scope and has released music by prominent, legendary musicians such as Bill Laswell (Method of Defiance), Herbie Hancock, Mick Harris (Scorn, Quoit), Justin K. Broadrick, Pharoah Sanders, end.user and Merzbow. The label has featured breaking electronic acts' critical beginnings with Black Sun Empire, CounterstrikeBreaker, Infiltrata, Sinthetix, and Ivan Shopov (Balkansky) all recording under the Ohm Resistancebanner.