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Liam K. Swiggs - POINT BREAKBEAT #2

DnB Fix 067

Liam K. Swiggs - POINT BREAKBEAT #2

The fix you've all been waiting for... this week, in the form of Liam K. Swiggs' POINT BREAKBEAT #2.

The Big Fresh Collective have been doing their New Zealand-based thing for a while. Since 2014 they’ve been (to my ears) the main NZ hub for footwork, jungle and hybrid goodness. They’ve also contributed tons of their own additions to the genre, merging nods to 90s rave alongside hints of chiptune and video game soundtracks for a distinctly upbeat, fun vibe. It’s the atmospheres of UK club combined with the directness of US dance.

Liam’s POINT BREAKBEAT #2 EP feels like a moment where all that stylistic experimentation truly clicks. KHLORINE with Social Sports blurs together trance-like synths with classic 4x4 breaks, gradually building into an atmospheric, sci-fi jungle roller. VAXXXINATION sounds like an angry acid trip. WAIMAK WASHOUT surprises with an unexpectedly lush, jazzy piano, congas bouncing side to side to the juke rhythm surrounding it, then RIDGE RACER TYPE VIP ends everything on a funky, grin-inducing note, diva vocals harmonising over super fun drums. Liam’s really outdone himself with a perfectly paced EP full of varied, nostalgic, warm vibes. Here’s to more like it from New Zealand.

POINT BREAKBEAT #2 out now on Bandcamp.

[Honourable Mentions: There’s been some fine liquid DnB this month. There’s HumaNature’s Stories EP via Spearheard Records. Lush, uplifting liquid DnB at it’s finest filled with pretty piano flourishes. Perfect execution of a familiar formula. Edlan’s new Towers EP on Integral Records brings some new flair to the table as well. Listen out for the blissful vocal harmonies and guitar on Reunited.]