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Kid Lib - DAT043

DnB Fix 073

Kid Lib - DAT043

The DnB Fix this week comes in the form of Kid Lib - DAT043

“Deep Jungle again” I hear you say? Well you best believe it! This behemoth of a label delivers the goods once again and features as my pick for the third time in a row with an EP that is packed full of charm.

It seems Deep Jungle is on a serious hot-streak at the moment, 2021 alone has seen more releases than I can keep count of, all of which are brimming with classics in the making. This time around is no exception, especially when you see the name ‘Kid Libʼ on the tin.

DAT043 is a 3 track release that perfectly showcases the unerring and unique style that is Kid Lib. Rough in all the right places, encapsulating a timeless sound and feel while still being some of the freshest stuff to grace your ears.

‘Life Of Musicʼ is DAT043ʼs pièce de résistance, and my personal favourite out of the three tracks. An innovative and interesting style, blending high-energy drum cuts with huge 808 bass notes and an aptly fitting vocal sample which only Kid Lib could find and implement this well. His sample hunting and refining techniques are truly unbeatable and undoubtedly what makes his style so idiosyncratic.

DAT043 drops on Deep Jungleʼs Bandcamp on the 5th of November in both vinyl and digital formats.