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'If I Was Simple in the Mind, Everything Would Be Fine' EP by Phoebe


'If I Was Simple in the Mind, Everything Would Be Fine' EP by Phoebe

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Phoebe’s most recent EP If I Was Simple in the Mind, Everything Would Be Fine, out on Portuguese label Rotten Fresh, almost feels like an anthem to a whole generation of young artists — imprisoned without having committed any crime. Stranded at home with their dreams, unable to act out the impulses of their pulsating energy, the mind is left to deal with itself, hyperaware. 

Through Phoebe’s sensitive nature and innate connection to sound, life finds a cathartic expression for the melancholic strength of resilience. Out today (June 17th) on both tape and digital, If I Was Simple in the Mind, Everything Would Be Fine features 5 shoegaze tracks with a dash of ambient, noise, glitch, post-rave and the punk attitude of experimentalism. The opening track, godspeed, is an 8-minute long cinematographic intro to the journey into the multi-faceted mind of the artist, a beautiful sound design tapestry that is both troubling and soothing.

Next, comes visceral edge with its choir of celestial voices which, like butterflies in the stomach, tickle our gut with a feeling that something big is about to happen  – and then, unexpectedly, a football chant permeates the soundscape, generating a rush of emotions, strong, pulsating, noisy, visceral. 

An interrupted scream shakes off the stupor. It’s the intro of all my homies hate, perhaps the most experimental track, with an EBM groove coming through amidst an orchestra of unsettling noises and glitches. The EP also offers an ‘on speed mix’ rendition of all my homies hate which you can listen to below. Speeding at 142 BPM, the track condenses the energy of the original mix in a 2 minutes of rush that marks the end of the tape.

Before that, there is still the warm, groovy track dedicated to. As with the rest of the EP, dedicated to blends sounds of the human presence on this planet, from the noises of our everyday life to the ever-inspiring melodies that can turn them into music. 

It is, perhaps, in the harmonious integration of both – the demands of a noisy everyday life and the sublime pureness of inner creative energy, that simplicity, so dearly sought-after by so many of us, lies. In the wise words of my friend Nuno Barão: “Simple is not easy”. But it is possible, and it is beautiful.