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I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

(Not) Nana's Sunday Jams

I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

Banner artwork by the majestic Trav, all of Nana's jams are gathered in this playlist. 

Welcome back to another week of your Sunday Jams summer holiday, it’s Victoria again. Today we’ll all write postcards to Nana to let her know how much we miss her, and tell her about all the fun we’re having. I hope you brought a stamp. 

This Sunday’s track comes from WILLIS, and is their song ‘I Think I Like When It Rains’. This tune is a four-and-a-half minute long piece of lyrical pathetic fallacy for the soul, the perfect song to listen to as you stare out the window at the rain.

Formed back in 2016, WILLIS are an American five piece band. They are a self-proclaimed mash-up of indie, alternative and bluesy tunes that create psychedelic soundscapes with a surfer rock twist. ‘I Think I Like When It Rains’ embodies this, and so much more. Here we have a captivatingly composed post breakup song that subtly describes the longing for that person, which never really goes away. 

The lyrics beautifully wrap together feelings of sadness, anger and longing. It takes us on the journey of being content and discontent all in the same thought:

You told me to go to the light

And what it's like to feel your pain,

Now I'm okay if you're alright.

I start to wonder why I came

I dreamed of things you said to me

At its core the song the song is about wanting to go back in time because, quite frankly, that's when things were at their best. It's bittersweet and tender and explores how going backwards to relive how things used to be makes much more sense, and offers much more comfort, than moving forwards. 

The instrumental bridge will pull you out of your body and allow you to float around in the rainfall-esque sound of guitars, keys and drums. It both puts you completely at peace and gives you space to contemplate all the things that have been dragging you down. 

If you’re facing a rainy Sunday today, whether that be in your mind or in reality, I hope this song serves you well.