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Hybrid Hooks - Defrostatica Records


Hybrid Hooks - Defrostatica Records

In this week’s DnB fix we’re chatting footwork, 160 booty bangers, jungle all rolled into one from Defrostatica Records with their newest compilation – Hybrid Hooks.

Coming from Leipzig, Germany – a country generally known for its techno, electro, and leftfield sounds, all that are far from the drum and bass family. This compilation is truly a booty shaking force to be reckoned with. 

There is currently a 160-revolution happening in Leipzig, with Defrostatica Records right at the forefront of it all. According to the label, Hybrid Hooks is “structured as a journey from the enticing intro over high energy rave moments into relaxed and deeper ends only to build up to an emotional peak and fade out in the light of a new day”. When you listen through the compilation this rings more than true. 

Hybrid Hooks starts off with a Homesick Remix of Sinistarrs tune “Garden (ft. Morgan Neiman)” a perfect set opener if I ever heard one, starting off with some moody chords going into a hybrid drum and bass beat, blurring the lines between footwork and DnB. This idea of blurring lines between genres is a pattern throughout this compilation. Bringing you on a journey through the 160bpm genre family and really showing why the name is Hybrid Hooks.

Some special mentions for me, are Anna Morgan’s Turbo Moto with its proper booty bouncing footwork beat and Yazzus’ “Do Fairies Have Tails” a tune so hard and nasty it borders on breakcore. Both of these tunes have become staples in my daily listening and often find themselves in my sets.

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