Loose Lips

Higher Form by Rico Casazza and CPSL


Higher Form by Rico Casazza and CPSL

Higher Forms is a measured excursion of ethereal electro compositions, ranging from the dream-like and ineffable to warm, dripping lucid lysergic-acid and visceral soundscaping. Three original pieces are married with three remixed arrangements, all introducing themselves with dynamic characteristics and distinctive landmarks in their own right. Again, the rabbit hole opens once more.

Sonic tones and ambience perfectly mirror the EP cover's purples and greens. The opening motif of Longhorn captures this essence, opening the curtain for a cybernetic opus towards the unknown and undiscovered. Its cerebral qualities dance within its extraterrestrial pads, deep and liquefied bassline and laser-piercing synths, flashing a myriad of colours and textures, warping through hyperspace at the speed of light.

The Weith remix captures something similar but is ultimately distinctive, too. Welcomed with warm, detuned synths, its percussion winds around like clockwork, emulating the passage of time as soundscapes manoeuvre within and around it. The piece invokes a kaleidoscopic spiral's motion, gesticulated by its rotary sensations. We are within the ebb and flow of cascading manoeuvrability.

Slow January is a cold and spiritually ascending piece that alleviates oneself from the mortal coil's linear confines. The work presents itself in refracted vignettes - caustic, but identifiable, none before it becomes anchored deeply with its descending bassline close to halfway throughout the composition. Enthralling, majestic and masterful. Pure hydrous euphony.

Monolithic and monumental, Bolam's remix of Slow January shows acute self-awareness when approaching something so intricate but exemplifying those qualities in a racious, uptempo braindance and crystalline-cut percussion. Completely understated yet concealed, this roller is a marked patch note of turning an ethereal masterclass into something fully functional and spatially liberal but in harmonious tandem.

Trek is an arpeggiated dream that sparkles, glimmers and gleams in its yearning gaze. It almost feels like the ultimate sonic roadmap of all constellations known to man, guiding us by the hand in frantic excitement and childish discourse. This piece almost moved me to tears in its sheer beauty and its endearing comfort. It left me with a message of hope and electrified my nerve endings in a way no other piece has managed to in a very long time. Extraordinary and timeless. 

We are greeted with the EP's closer from Detach, who signifies the release off with a coda of sorts from the previous piece, with their interpretation of Trek. Whilst I will admit that the genuinely heartfelt europhile I experienced in the original mix was not entirely explored, it did welcome its acid musings and perpetual outerworldness, of which I felt agreeable to the original track's sentiment. Not weak by any means and definitive in its experience, as it still made my shoulders rise with the confidence of its monument. Pleasantly arcane.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to this record and would highlight it as one of the most realised and actualised releases I've heard in the electronic music spectrum in recent memory. It's rare to see such a seamless blend of sonic identity and collaboration work so harmoniously with each other. By far, Casazza's best work to date, with CPSL's ability to help transform these works into the next realm. Essential listening for fans of electro, IDM or beautifully textured music in general.