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Hedchef's Cyborg Slammers


Hedchef's Cyborg Slammers

Well hello there friends and compatriots of the Loose Lips cause. It is an exciting day that I address you, I have finally lost hope! Lol JK, my hope is lost and regained every day. No, we’re excited because the Loose Lips soundcloud page just racked its millionth listen! Wowza. We represent all genres of music here at Loose Lips, whatever we think is interesting, but it just so happens that a large portion of what we think is ‘interesting’ is the kind of tune that slams you around the head with a mechanized jackhammer and makes you cry out for your Auntie Mildred. Glorious, inhuman rapture, metal warped at a molecular level into gaseos form, grand clouds of FUCK YES. Presenting us with more of that stuff we can’t get enough of today is the Melbourne-based DJ Hedchef, who runs electro collective Voltage and provides all your favourite DJs with bangers. Take it away chap.

This is probably my most played track of last year. Almost psytrancey, this one sits at an insistent tempo and lets the pads swirl around the room before that impossibly thick bassline knocks the wind out of your chest. Essential.

This one's already in the 'modern classic' category if you ask me - an absolute weapon that builds up the industrial clangs and hisses gradually before letting loose an unstable screech of a lead synth that'll wake up any dancefloor that's getting a little too comfortable.

Fly By Night are having a wicked run of releases - this one is my pick of Porchcrawler's recent 4-tracker. Detuned stabs and thick bass race over breaks and big thumping kicks - proper peak time stuff.

Straight-shooting, functional electro of the highest order. MAC Address is a fellow Melburnian who's got the formula exactly right. Spooky arps, relentless bass and metallic pots 'n' pans - perfect.

Had to include one from myself - I heard the original and had this breakbeat flip finished within 6 hours. Shygirl has such a wicked style and this one was dying to be sped up to 150bpm and added to the Funky Drummer break and some snarling bass.

When it comes to flat-out electro, False Persona just doesn't miss - this one is properly fast, with a bassline that never sits still and a snare that feels like being hit with a car door.

One of the most impressive and meticulously produced cuts I've heard in a long time - big blown-speaker bass and glitchy synth growls sit under Frank Amanya's ice-cold vocal inflections.

Really creative and wiggy vibes, hot and fresh out of India - Mutable Mercury is definitely one to watch this year. Check the percussion on this!

Ludicrously maximal and rock-solid techno from Ireland - everything Carouse has put out has been banging and this is no exception. Watch ya bassbins.

Irresistible acid breakbeat chaos. A 303 line that doesn't stop for 4 minutes? Sold.