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Gustavo Lamas - Despistados (Espectro 14)


Gustavo Lamas - Despistados (Espectro 14)

Taken from the re-issue from veteran Argentinian producer Gustavo Lamas' 1999 LP Plural on Buenos Aires iconic label Fragil Discos, this melodic and dubby minimal piece still sounds relevant to this day.

From Gustavo Lamas' Plural LP on Buenos Aires based Amplio Espectro.

Out 19.02.2021 on digital - Pre-order: https://boomkat.com/products/plural-1cb823d6-1f43-407f-88d7-8a8c63c28ea9

Written and Produced by Gustavo Lamas when he was 25 in his family house bedroom just with a sampler, Plural is an emotional and minimalistic album made for deep listeners and eyes closed dancers.

Written & Produced by Gustavo Lamas in 1999
Mastering by Ismael Pinkler in 2021
Artwork by Alejandro Ros in 2021