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Granul - Cypher (YUKU017)


Granul - Cypher (YUKU017)

A monster of a track! Pulsating, heavy-bass mechanics!

From Granul's Cypher LP on Prague-based YUKU.

Out 22.07.2021 on 2x12" and digital - Pre-order: https://forms.gle/7ms8eUw7rj1TjYRZ9



"Artificial Intelligence has been a fascinating area for me since 2017, and Cypher is a body of my work that draws heavily on it for inspiration. I tried to combine classical elements and modern techniques as much as possible when creating it, so that it has both a sense of the familiar and the new. I created the artwork by programming a GAN algorithm using face-transfer concept in combination with a street-art dataset from Istanbul."