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GLYSK - Hedonist


GLYSK - Hedonist

Hedonist is the debut single preceding the release of GLYSK’s upcoming EP Social Intercourse.

Bouncy synths and bright vocals coalesce in this electro-pop number: the sonic equivalent of an amusement park, illuminated by neon lights, full of hyperactive sugar-crazed kids. Which, fittingly, is the set of the music video. This glitchy production backdrops GLYSK faced with a moral conundrum: whether to pursue pleasure above all else, the consequence be damned.

Link to the music video here

It's perfectly illustrated in this video filmed in a fairground, in full neon-pop colours!

Shot by Rhys Slade-Jones and Brain Rays Edited by GLYSK Graded by Aubrey Simpson