Loose Lips

GLYSK: dance, cry, kiss, dance harder.


GLYSK: dance, cry, kiss, dance harder.

GLYSK is a London-based artist. She started out making glitchy electronic pop demos on her cracked screen iPad and has now collaborated with Brain Rays and James Stewart to produce her first proper EP. Her debut single, Hedonist is out now on Bandcamp and all the usual streaming suspects.

The Jets  - Crush on You  (dance)

Hormonal 80s pop, later covered by pre-pubescent Backstreet Boys mini-sibling Aaron Carter which was where I heard it first. The original is far superior, as you can imagine.


Celine Dion - I Feel Too Much (dance)

Perhaps the beginning of my synthy love-affair. Also v relatable. Celine and me, we both feel too much.


Janet Jackson - What  have you done for me lately? (dance)

Janet teaching us about setting boundaries and how to make the shoulder-shrug a thing of pure class.


Evelyn “Champagne” King -  Love Come Down (dance)

It’s just a huge “Champagne” jam isn’t it?


Charlotte Adigéry -  High Lights

Saw Charlotte at Simple Things in Bristol and the gig was well fun. This track was my pick o’ the fest.


Brain Rays feat. GLYSK - Signs (dance)

Classic tale of man hits on woman in club before realising woman is married to other woman. Had a ball collaborating with Brain on this track.


Janelle Monáe - Make Me Feel

Monarch of pop and queer black icon. Step aside all others. Ps: Check out how bisexual that lighting is. 


Chela - Handful Of Gold (dance)

Irreverent joy-pop from ozzy multi-hyphenate. I only just discovered Chela (how?!?) and I’m in.


Christine and the Queens -  Comme Si (dance)

The first time I listened to this track I danced through the streets of Crystal Palace.


Solange - Losing You (cry)

It’s a heart-tugger. I challenge you not to sing along.


Jai Paul - He  (cry)

Yet to work out a single lyric in this track but I love every second of it. Pretty sure it starts “Ooooh wearing onions, in your loving arms” and why not?


Lykke Li (feat Aminé) - Two Nights  (cry)

I get full-body goosebumps and an achy heart every time I listen to this.


Bat For Lashes - Kids In The Dark 

Throwback, late-night, sex-in-the-car type purply vibes.


Syd - Body (kiss)

Making out in the corner of the party. Seductive excellence and queer validation. Yes please.


GLYSK  - Hedonist (dance harder)

My manager told me I gotta put this track in cos it’s good for the algorithm apparently and I’m mega small fry.


Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens - Gone  (dance harder)

The first time I listened to this track it annoyed me. The second time I was into it. Then I  decided it was wicked and listened to it on repeat for an entire month. Probs my hormones.


Yaeji -  Raingurl  (dance harder)

“When the sweaty walls are bangin’

I don’t f**k  with family planning

Make it rain girl”


Brain Rays feat. GLYSK - Chemicals  (dance harder)

Pandemic horn and party dearth. Boy can Brain bring a bangin’ beat. 


Missy Elliot  - Cool Off  (dance harder)



SOPHIE  - Immaterial (dance harder)

This track for me is a dance harder/cry crossover. The world is a poorer place without SOPHIE.


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